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16Volt - interview (2005)16Volt - interview (2008)Adam Pask (P45K) - interview (2006)AR3A - interview (2010)Be My Enemy - interview (2011)Bile, 16volt, Chemlab (John "Servo" DeSalvo) - interview (2006)Black Light Burns (Wes Borland) - interview (2007)Bullets In a Burning Box - interview (2008)Burning Retna - interview (2006)Celldweller (Klayton) - interview (2007)Chemlab (Jared Louche) - interview (2005)Circus of Dead Squirrels - interview (2007)Crash-Scan - interview (2014)Crush - interview (2010)Cyanotic (Sean Payne) - interview (2005)Cyber Axis - interview (2006)Cynergy 67 - interview (2006)DAX - interview (2006)Diatribe (Marc Jameson) - interview (2007)Die Warzau - interview (2005)DreDDup - interview (2008)Drioux Galvan - interview (2006)ERASEtheVIRUS - interview (2008)Eroded Pride - interview (2013)Everything Goes Cold - interview (2008)eXelement - interview (2007)F.e.v.e.r. - interview (2007)Fake Empire - interview (2013)Fanoe - interview (2006)File Transfer Protocol - interview (2011)File Transfer Protocol - Q&A (2012)Filter (Richard Patrick) - interview (2008)Gemini Syndrome (Aaron Nordstrom) - interview (2013)Halo In Reverse - interview (2006)Halo In Reverse - interview (2008)Hate Dept. (Seibold) - interview (2005)Hazmat - interview (2006)Human Factors Lab - interview (2006)Iammynewt (Chris Cozort) - interview (2008)Ian Proudfoot (MoMT Records owner) - interview (2009)Isol8ed - interview (2006)Klank - interview (2010)KMFDM, KGC, Drill (Lucia Cifarelli) - interview (2008)KOH - interview (2008)Kx (Marinho Nobre) - interview (2009)Left Spine Down - interview (2008)Lockdown - interview (2006)Lustmord - interview (2006)Luxt - interview (2009)Man.Machine.Industry - interview (2010)ManufraQture - interview (2006)Marazene - interview (2006)Maximum Sexy Pigeon - interview (2013)Mephistosystem - interview (2007)Message To The Machine - interview (2013)Microwaved - interview (2006)Ministry, RevCo, Supermanic (Sin Quirin) - video interview (2008)Mob Research, The Mission (Mark Gemini Thwaite) - interview (2009)My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Charles Levi) - interview (2005)N17 (November 17) - interview (2007)Nanochrist - interview (2013)Neil Kernon - interview (2006)Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde, Steve Hackett) - interview (2006)Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde, Steve Hackett) - video interview [part 1] (2009) Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo, Kim Wilde, Steve Hackett) - video interview [part 2] (2009)Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson's band) - video interview (2011)NINa for Deathcanwait Records - interview (2005)NINa for Jordan Aquirre - interview (2006)NVEiN - interview (2007)Oblivion M - interview (2007)Obszön Geschöpf - interview (2011) (English)Obszön Geschöpf - interview (2011) (French)Ögenix (Ogenix) - interview (2014)Out Out - interview (2005)Out Out - interview (2008)Pail - interview (2007)Pain Station - interview (2000)Paramecium, The - interview (2006)Particle Son - interview (2006)Paul Abramson (Van Richter Records) - interview (2010)Pedigree - interview (2008)Pitchshifter, This Is Menace (MD Clayden) - interview (2005)Project .44 (Chris Harris) - interview (2006)Promonium Jesters - interview (2008)Prong, Ministry (Tommy Victor) - interview (2007)Prong, Ministry (Tommy Victor) - video interview (2008)Pulse Faction - interview (2007)Punish Yourself - interview (2006)Rabid Whole, The - interview (2009)Replica - interview (2007)Reverend Agony - interview (2007)Rorschach Test - interview (2007)Schuldt (Tim Schuldt, Myk Jung, Testify) - interview (2008)Scum of The Earth, Rob Zombie, Skrew (Mike Riggs) - interview (2007)Sean Beavan - interview (2006)Simon Logan - interview (2006)SiNDADDY - interview (2006)Skrew (Adam Grossman) - interview (2006)Skrew (Adam Grossman) - interview (2009)Skrew (Adam Grossman, Ty Pickett) - interview (2011)Skumlove - interview (2008)Skumlove - interview (2010)Slave Unit - interview (2006)SMP (Jason Bazinet) - interview (2007)Snow Black, Skatenigs, Revolting Cocks (Phil Owen) - interview (2006)Society 1 (Matt Zane) - interview (2008)Society Burning - interview (2007)Sonic Violence - interview (2010)Spookshow inc. - interview (2014)State of Being - interview (2003)Static-X, Ministry (Tony Campos) - video interview (2008)Stayte - interview (2006)STG - interview (2006)Stiff Valentine - interview (2008)Strange, The - interview (2006)Synchro Nine Factor - interview (2006)Triptaka - interview (2008)U.S.S.A. - interview (2007)UCNX - interview (2008)UN-reason - interview (2013)Vampire Rodents (Daniel Vahnke) - interview (2009)Vein Cage - interview (2010)Victory Pill, Pitchshifter (Jim Davies) - interview (2006)Victory Pill, Pitchshifter (Jim Davies) - interview (2008)VTG - interview (2008)VTG - interview (2009)We Got This Far - interview (2007)We Got This Far - interview (2009)Witchgrinder - interview (2013)[Fabryka] Review and interview opportunities[non-industrial] 13 Shadows - interview (2013)[non-industrial] Xander Demos - interview (2013)
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Our live show is EXTREMELY high energy very synth driven of course but also very guitar driven and live drums are a must... But then again we don't really fit your typical rock band image either. Human Factors Lab (2006)
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