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Dr. Melancholia
The Source (2009)
Our live show is EXTREMELY high energy very synth driven of course but also very guitar driven and live drums are a must... But then again we don't really fit your typical rock band image either. Human Factors Lab (2006)
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[Fabryka] Review and interview opportunities
Fabryka Music Magazine review and interview services have been paid services since April 26th, 2011. These are handled by NINa, the magazine founder and CEO. She offers extended, honest and professional music reviews as well as interesting and original interview questions. Both are written specifically for bands/labels so you get more exposure and fans.


Submit a song, EP or an album for a review consideration based on music genres NINa accepts. This should be a link where she can stream exact songs along with your contact email. Please don't attach mp3s unless requested. If she decides she can positively review your music, NINa will contact you and we'll process with the review order. If she doesn't like your music, she'll shortly explain why it doesn't qualify for a review. It is nothing personal but a matter of an experience and a bit of a personal taste to deliver the most reliable judgment. Now, very few reviewers offer such a good deal - every detailed professional review signed by Fabryka Magazine will be permitted to use for your promotional and commercial purposes so that you can own it entirely and share worldwide (non-exclusive license, you must credit the reviewer and Fabryka Magazine name).

REVIEWS with a player - click

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About the new format and music genres

NINa will accept not only industrial rock and industrial metal releases, but also progressive metal, groove metal, hair metal, heavy metal, math metal, metalcore, djent and dark ambient music as well video game and movie soundtracks. Other music styles are not recommended due to lack of experience. Please do not submit remixes, covers and hooks as well as not mastered demos.


Independent, paid reviews will be written and sent for your own commercial and promotional handling - for use on your website, social network profile, presskit, on-line store (item description), promotional materials (print or on-line) as well as a music recommendation or for use by a label. Review or interview, once ordered and approved, will legally belong to you (non-exclusive commercial license, must credit the author and Fabryka Magazine name).
According to Fabryka Magazine copyright policy, you must not use any reviews/interviews published in this magazine for your own commercial purposes (adding to promotional materials, on-line stores etc.) unless they were written based on your order.
NINa does not accept requests and charge for reviews if your music does not fit our criteria. She would rather enjoy reviewing your music than promote a review with a bad rating.

Technical specification

The length of such reviews will range from minimum 150 to 600 words (a half of letter size page to full letter size page or more) depending on the type of release (single song, EP, album, double album) and reviewer's opinions. NINa collaborates with various English editors who proofread her writing.

File formats
The final review (or interview) will be delivered during 10-20 business days (since the payment is recorded) either to your e-mail address (if ordered this way) or through Music Xray system (for single song reviews, interviews). File formats: if ordered via the magazine - formatted .doc & .pdf with an artwork included; if via Music Xray - unformatted text only through their platform contact form.

NINa's judgment is based on max 5-point rating scale if submitted via Music Xray and directly via Fabryka Magazine (old rating was max 4 stars if submitted directly before 2013).

Technically, NINa pays attention to the idea, moods, arrangements, structure, depth, dynamics, potential, similarities to other bands music, musical skills, mastering, production, artwork (if any) and also if a song is useful for a radio play, commercial or a movie. The lyrics are less important.

Widgets, music store links
NINa wants the readers and listeners to visit your websites, interact with you and buy your music. That's why every published review will include a few links to your official website, social profiles as well as on-line stores (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and any other specified) where the readers can purchase a reviewed song (or your entire release). If possible, a player with a song will be embed on a Fabryka Magazine review site through SoundCloud, ReverbNation or Bandcamp widgets (see: an example). No sales and views are guaranteed.

Guaranteed publishing

Additionally, NINa also publishes these reviews/interviews for SEO* reasons at following platforms:
1. Fabryka Music Magazine (continuously discovering and promoting ambitious music during the last 12 years),
2. Blogspot - Google's own blogging platform - blog post,
3. Tumblr - most popular blogging platform - blog post,
4. Verified Google+ page available to a few thousands of followers (+8500**). Google+ is the fastest growing social network opened for public in mid-2011, linked with YouTube, Maps, search engines and other Google products,
5. Twitter - most viral network - link to a review (and if you're on Twitter also a mention, FF, MM, RT) accessible to over 1500** targeted followers (incl. magazines, radio shows, festivals, listeners, promoters, bands and other music industry people),
6. Last.FM - best music network - a blog post to groups. Over 1000** super compatible friends and joined 270** music groups (a group admin must accept the blog to be displayed to the group participants),
7. LinkedIn - accessed by music industry people, great for business deals - a post on NINa's own profile page (the newest reviews/interviews only, over 1000** connections) and reviews page (all reviews).

*SEO means an improvement for your band thanks to indexing and archiving NINa's reviews and interviews by the Internet search engines (Google, Bing). It will let others find your band easier (through keywords such as the band name, song name, album name etc.) and become more familiar with your music. Why is Google+ important for a higher search ranking? Read this article.
**All the above social numbers were seen live on March 30th, 2014

Music format and safety

NINa can only accept digital files since this is the preferable form of delivery. You don't need to pay any additional fees (like overseas CD shipping).
She guarantees that none of your songs will be used for any purpose other than the music review. This has been the policy at Fabryka Magazine for last 12 years – no sharing, no piracy. All the files you upload (you specify a source for a download) will be deleted from our storage disk once the review is delivered to you and approved and no additional copies will be made.
There's also a possibility to review your music from high quality streams (on-line music players).


Please have a look at NINa's testimonials page.

Current pricing (American Dollar only):

NINa's pricing is competitive to other professional review services and your payment can be sent through PayPal. It's a verified PayPal and you'll be sent an email address when we approve your submission.

Detailed music reviews (commercial/promotional use, rates include publishing & promo)

1 song review = $25.00
1 EP review (up to 5 songs) = $35.00
1 full album review (if max 6-10 songs) = $40.00
Single or double album (if max 11-20 songs) = $50.00 + bonus
Triple album (if max 21-30 songs) = $77.00
Random set of songs - contact us.

Bonus (until July 31st, 2014)

Reviews worth of minimum $50.00 and more are eligible for getting 1 bonus of your choice such as:
- promotional email interview with publishing incl. 3 original questions (publishing locations are the same as for reviews), or
- additional banner advertisement: top or right panel, all pages, hosted for 30 days on this magazine. It's a limited offer due to the magazine page layout. You'll provide the banner of the required size. Advertiser's item must match advertisement requirements.

Paid interviews (commercial/promotional use, interview through e-mail)

5 original questions = $26.00
10 original questions = $40.00

a) questions will be sent on your email during 10-20 business days (.doc file),
b) send your replies along with 2-4 illustrative pictures on Fabryka Magazine email after the next 14 business days,
c) NINa will send you the entire interview (.doc + .pdf files) on your email during 3 business days when it's ready for publishing.

How can I submit?

Single song via Music Xray
You can submit your single song for a detailed professional critique via Music Xray. This on-line network allows both artists and music industry professionals for an easy interaction and finding all the matching opportunities with guaranteed feedback. Read more about Music Xray here.

Single song, random set of songs, EP, album(s) and interview - directly
Please send NINa an message to specify your order. Your message should include:
- number of songs planned for such a review plus any necessary info,
- links to an on-line preview of your music - only these tracks you'd wish NINa to review (streaming on Reverbnation, SoundCloud etc. or download) and links to the official website or social profile(s).


Feel free to use this e-mail contact form or send an email at fabryka[at]gmail[dot]com. Please do not include this email to your mailing lists or attach any mp3s unless requested.

Other opportunities

Are you interested in advertising your music with Fabryka Magazine? Here is what we offer - click.

Selling metal or industrial music on We recommend some releases, see them here and contact us if you're interested to add your release(s) to this list.

This offer has been updated on March 30th, 2014

Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz | Founder, CEO, webmaster, reviewer, designer
NINa has been actively supporting the industrial rock and industrial metal music scenes since 2001 through her well known Fabryka Music Magazine. NINa is an artistically talented person who has a great sense of hearing what is on the cutting edge. Working within the magazine has allowed her to greatly increase her knowledge of music industry insights as well as develop many other skills. She writes detailed reliable reviews of heavy guitar driven music.

NINa has a degree and license in business management and marketing. Since graduating in 1998 from business management she also obtained a license in graphic design in 2000. Polish is NINa's primary language, but she speaks English fluently, allowing her to communicate with a variety of foreign nationals from all over the world. She's been designing original CD cover artworks since 1994 and working on her debut post-apocalyptic multimedia book (Heatwave) since early 2010.

Q: Why can't I get it for free?
A: The music industry has changed on both ends. Let's see: I let you legally own my entire writing (not steal a snippet) for your promotional and commercial purposes (this includes a license due to my authorship & copyrights!) = you get more exposure, you can sell your music based on my positive review. Plus, 12 years of experience in the music industry, a diploma in marketing & management, know-how, careful and professional writing, a great sense of hearing and finally, bills to pay & things to buy (so have you too!). More here and Harlan Ellison - Pay the Writer video.
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