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Dr. Melancholia
The Source (2009)
I approach each song more like writing a short story or screenplay. Once I have a foundation for my story then I consider what materials the structure will be built from. Some people like to build with wood and some with brick for example. I prefer to build with durable materials that represent me and hopefully will stand the test of time. The Skatenigs (2006)
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[Fabryka] Testimonials
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We are speechless, really. This has got to be one of the most serious, detailed and flattering reviews we have ever received in our combined time as recording artists! You have truly done an amazing piece of work here, NINa, regardless of the verdict. Thank you so very much for everything!
Kjetil Ottersen | 18.02.2014 | Album review

The 88's
We did many reviews for our songs and the one NINa did for us was by far one of the best! It was a real review, where she took time to listen to the song and give a detailed opinion. She also did a great promotion of that review after! Thanks again NINa!
Pheel Duarte | 07.02.2014 | Song review

This woman has a talent to grasp a band's inner beauty. Her reviews are true and enticing, and really offer a beautiful pathway through which one can start appreciating a bands music. If you grasped her ears, you are in for a treat. We from CalatrilloZ adore NINa.
Zahyin | 02.02.2014 | Song review 1 | Song review 2

Bruno Pittelli
Ciao Nina grazie per la recensione, sei una professionista molto preparata.
Bruno Pittelli | 31.12.2013 | Song review

Eroded Pride
My name is Jimmie Jones and I am in the Industrial Metal band Eroded Pride. Recently Eroded Pride had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine, who had also just reviewed our latest album Short Attention-span Theatre. Our interviewer NINa went to great lengths to get as much back story on the band, its origin, its music and its future in a series of pre-interview questions that honestly were tougher to answer than the actual interview questions. Ultimately her detail to the pre-questions opened me up to be more responsive and provide better answers for the interview. Interviews have never been one of my strong points; But NINa and Fabryka Music Magazine were very accommodating and professional in their approach and style. I would recommend anyone who is serious about moving forward in the music business to read interviews done by NINa and Fabryka Music Magazine and serious musicians to be interviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine. Thank You Fabryka Music Magazine and thank you Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz for the opportunity.
Jimmie Jones | 06.11.2013 | Interview

Eroded Pride
Recently Eroded Pride had the opportunity to have our latest album Short Attention-span Theatre reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine. I usually have apprehensions regarding reviews and the depth of song storytelling getting lost in the translation of a reviewer. I am happy to say that the scope of professionalism and attention to detail, they even requested lyrics to all the songs, made the review experience by Fabryka Music Magazine a pleasant and refreshing change.
Fabryka Music Magazine and the reviewer in particular dug deep into our music and had a firm grasp on the genre, style and intimate details of not only the whole album, but each song individually. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to not only read Fabryka Music Magazine, but if you are a serious musician, submitting your work for review to Fabryka Music Magazine. Thank You Fabryka Music Magazine and thank you Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz for the opportunity.

Jimmie Jones | 06.11.2013 | Album review

I have read your review and am very impressed with the detail you went to and your insight into the song. Love how you drew on the story of the song by using the lyrics and pointing out that the song leaves you wandering whether or not the chase was real, was it a story of running from something or someone. You picked up on exactly what I wanted listeners to get out of it. Can't thank you enough, you have quite a talent.
Brett Rayner | 25.09.2013 | Song review

Edward Lafuentes
The review is wonderful and very descriptive, your wording is very unique from other reviews, a very MAGICAL way of putting things into a heavy metal perspective and yet for all to read. Very cool again, thank you.
Edward Lafuentes | 30.08.2013 | Album review

Xander Demos
It was an absolute pleasure working with NINa and Fabryka Magazine. NINa crafted thoughtful, interesting questions for my artist, Xander Demos, and posted them in an extremely timely manner. She also spread her post on social media, to ensure maximum exposure for my artist. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Michael Stover (MTS Management Group) | 21.08.2013 | Interview

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