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Dr. Melancholia
The Source (2009)
People don't care about the cow if the milk is free - even if the milk is 2% and whole milk might taste a little better - they'll drink the free milk and move on. Sure, freebies might make for good promotion, but they don't necessarily make for much else. Artists spend a lot of money making music - and need to make some of it back. Out Out (2008)
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File Transfer Protocol - Q&A (2012)
2012-01-05 | NINa | via Formspring | RSS | "Regime" - free song download

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Q: [NINa] You seem to speak up through your songs. After supporting The Occupy Movement (free download of "99%" song) there's "Regime" released now.The Internet is boiling due to SOPA considered as "invasion of privacy". Is "Regime" related to this issue?

A: [Sean Rieger] Yes it is. 'Regime' is actually about something even larger than SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act for those of you who haven't heard of it.) It's about connecting the dots between SOPA, PIPA, NDAA and government who is no longer accountable to the people. It's about the violent police retribution towards the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Governments fear open discussion on the Internet. They see things like the "Arab Spring" and suddenly, the Internet must be controlled, because educated people who can communicate freely, are a threat to any regime.

SOPA aims to do just that. It aims to create a firewall the likes of what China has in which private companies and the government can shut down "renegade" websites. The definition of "renegade" is purposely vague. They tried to ram this through under the cover of darkness (there was a full media blackout) just like NDAA (which was passed and signed into law allowing for the indefinite detention and torture of US citizens without trial, if they are determined to be "terrorists") and just like PIPA, the sister bill to SOPA waiting in the wings should the first one fail.

The major corporations who have spent millions trying to get SOPA through congress are old school dinosaurs like the MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America ) ASCAP, and BMI. Groups who claim to "protect" artists (for a fee) but have been found stealing from them. Link.
As an artist, I don't need that kind of protection. The market has changed. I don't need a middleman to collect a fee to protect me. I talk to my fans directly.

The government gets what they want too... control. The ability to shut down any site they deem questionable. That's the scary part. As of late, I've seen freedom of speech come under attack in this country. You can tell a lot about how a government feels about its people by they way they outfit their riot control. Have you seen these storm troopers beating on the unarmed masses of the occupy movement? Have you wondered why? It's horrifying. Since when did speaking and assembling become illegal in the US? How long until I am not allowed to write lyrics about what is happening? Will my site be blocked? I don't mean to rant, but here's what I see... come to your own conclusions. In a nutshell, 'Regime' is about:

1. The US government can now indefinitely detain and torture US Citizens who are considered terrorists, without a fair trial. Link

2. The FBI has stated that people who insist on paying with cash, or who stockpile more than 2 weeks of food could be terrorists. Link

3. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been declared a "terrorist" movement. Link //blog post not found//

4. SOPA aims to censor the internet, but it's not alone. There are many different attempts by our government to take control of the internet. 6 on this page, alone: Link //server not found//

5. The traditional media is run by the 1% billionaires of the world, and are actively blacking out all news in these areas. Link

6. Most people never even knew these things were going on. I leave you with this....

"Wake up
This isn't fiction anymore
Wake up
This is a brand new kind of war
Wake up
Look past your censored TV screens
Wake up
Show me the faces behind the regime"

Download 'Regime' for free at:

What do you think? | Send your question to Sean

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