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Streak [reviews]
Break Away |Streak, 2008|

1. Dirt Inside (Intro), 2. Breathe, 3. Fade, 4. Antidote, 5. Beneath, 6. Slightly Murdered, 7. Break Away, 8. Desperate, 9. Faces of Fear, 10. Groovy Booty, 11. Mind Wires

Streak was created as a solo project of Chris Dimock in 2004. Three years later the band was joined by a live drummer Paul Aho who came from Uncle Big Time. The band has been playing with this line up for the last couple of years.

Their enthusiasm of making music was the first thing which drew my attention to the band. Thanks to their passion the results of their work are also very good.

Initially I came across the band at Fabryka forum, where, I guess they were sent by my friend from Texas - Chrome Skin Jesus, the originator for weekly posted industrial-rock podcasts RazorBladeDanceFloor, and who did an interview with the band for a podcast purpose. If so that was a good idea and so after a while Streak sent me the album Break Away for a review.

Eleven tracks are kept in industrial rock vibe indeed with an accent put on guitars. I found a few associations to music of such bands like Society Burning ('Breathe'), Slave Unit ('Faces of Fear'), Nine Inch Nails from 'Further Down The Spiral' and 'Fixed' ('Slightly Murdered') or Diatribe ('Groovy Booty') amongst the tracks. I think those headliners should at least attract more listeners who have been already introduced to such tunes before.

However Streak makes music based on their own ideas so that the songs get their typical sound. Looks like the leader Chris Dimock is the driving force behind the band. His voice sounds either high or low and definitely works for making the songs sound passionate. You can easily remember his voice what is a good thing for a future recognition of his ventures. Also Streak escapes from using distortions on vocals and uses guitars and samples both for the songs so the band fits to a group of 100% industrial rock bands perfectly.

There are two songs which drew my attention the most - 'Breathe' for its dynamic and composition extended in an interesting way, with moments for both speed and power. The other one is 'Groovy Booty' thanks to slower rhythm and looped guitars sounds tempting what somehow works on me the best. 'Desperate' and 'Beneath' are easy to remember and very well done songs too.

The album is finished with an aggressive song 'Mind Wires', enriched with low tuned guitars and weird, 'squirming' samples, with a final so grunge guitar riff.

You can find the band on most of social networks, including Twitter, a popular US social network.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, 2010. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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