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DreDDup [reviews]
Future Porn Machine |2007, Insurrection|

01. Going Away, 02. Not From Here, 03. Never Tell, 04. WR, 05. FuckFest, 06. No More Fingers, 07. N.O.A. (feat. Shark), 08. Generation Devastation (metalic mix), 09. One, 10. Reedemer, 11. When You Know That It's All Wrong, 12. Defiant, 13. Bayonet ,14. If There Is... ,15. Jinkeez, 16. Inside Out, 17. Secret song (feat. David Zowie), 18. Jungle Grey (feat. Shark)

DreDDup definitely has made Fabryka forum alive once he jumped in with pictures and his own band free songs and albums download links as well as information about the Serbian industrial scene. Thinking of Serbia I recall wars but also beautiful landscapes. With no doubts there are more rock or industrial bands orientated, tho so far only Laibach or Borghesia have been noticed worldwide.

DreDDup's music is an excursion towards a beat industrial style with a lot of broken rhythms and changes. I have no idea if this chaos was made on purpose, but of what I'm sure is that their music is based mostly on heavy electronics. Eighteen songs it's a big number for one CD (or rather a download file which I was suggested to grab from the band). Some of the songs touch Godflesh tunes (Not From Here), others are beat and distorsions orientated with samples borrowed from classical music (probably a cello in Jungle Grey (feat. Shark)). Never Tell and Jinkeez both have punk vibe, WR may be liked by the fans of EBM music, Generation Devastation (metalic mix) touches industrial metal style as well as Reedemer and Defiant.

Amongts the tracks with mixed atmospheres I would pick up If There Is..., as the most interesting one with a variety of cool samples in the background and a woman back singing, whose voice actually reminds me Lisa Gerrard's from Dead Can Dance. No idea if Lisa was sampled from DCD albums or DreDDup grabbed a girl with a similar voice for the song purpose. The final effect sounds interesting. From the whole album mostly Inside Out sounds somewhat easier to listen to, reminds me Bile's ventures.

Future Porn Machine it's an album difficult to listen to, not everyone will like it but may be interesting to the fans of Godflash or Laibach, or any other heavier electronic-guitar driven music that kind. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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