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Bound In Oblivion [reviews]
The Opposite of Myself |Bound In Oblivion, 2009|

1) Faith of Our Fathers, 2) New Life, 3) Pain & Suffering, 4) The Opposite of Myself, 5) Faith of Our Fathers (Fairah) Remix by Bullets in a Burning Box, 6) The Opposite of My Mix (Dirty Tech Mix) by Bound in Oblivion, 7) New Life (Original Demo), 8) Pain & Suffering (Remix) by Dead Animal Assembly Plant, 9) Pain & Suffering (instrumental)

Bound In Oblivion (shorten to BiO) it's a solo project of an American Johnathan Case this year, since Zach Wager had left the band temporarily to focus on his own creation called Dead Animal Assembly Plant.

Portland, Oregon seems to be the right place to support electronic music still, despite of its distance to other cities (like Chicago, El Paso, Cleveland) where industrial subgenres have been developed throughout the last two decades.
Johnathan has been known from a cooperation, for instance with 16volt and their album Let Down Crush in the 90s. Working with professional musicians let him perfectly master his own songs to make them match music club parties and podcasts or even private players attached to social networks like Myspace, Virb, Trig etc.

Besides, all of the songs were released under Creative Commons 3.0 license, what means sharing but not sale and modifying. It seems to be a good way to become known more that way, when people don't have to pay yet, but have a chance to either already donate or prepare for full payment for the next album release, if they like the music.

The Opposite of Myself it's not an industrial rock album, however there are guitar riffs like sampled in „Pain & Suffering (instrumental)”, to me all time the best song of BiO, very mature and developed.
Johnathan Case can relocate certain samples and effects really well to achieve the expected results and his mix'n'production skills with a constant need for learning of music making software and hardware brings it all to the limelight.
There are a few remixes on the album too, featuring, amongst all, a Californian Nathaniel Weiss from Bullets in a Burning Box and Zach Wager mentioned above.
After a successful debut album The Way Back Down released by BiO in 2007 r. there's a candidate for one of the best 2009 albums with The Opposite of Myself and Johnathan Case says.. he's been working on the next album already!

An industrial and beat concept of The Opposite of Myself should be liked by those of you who are driven by such tunes mostly. Additionally an easy access and distribution of this and debut albums should bring more attention to that professional project as well.
( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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