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This offer was updated and it is effective since December 13th, 2013.
Changes: Updated social stats & links.

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The only industrial rock music magazine since 2001 - industrialrock.net


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1. About

Fabryka Industrial Rock is the number one magazine dedicated to industrial rock and industrial metal music. It has been online since 2001 and has gathered the best bands of the genre on its sites. Fabryka has earned many bands respect as well as that of their fans. Thanks to good positioning our web address is shown in first position for page results and becomes easy to find for everyone who needs reliable information and recommendations about industrial rock music.

Various sites of the magazine English version are visited by 1500 to 2300 unique visitors every month. The visitors come from USA, European Union (incl. Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, France, Sweden and more) as well as Canada and Russia amongst all. Completely new visits make it over 60% since we constantly reach out to new people and on-line locations while promoting the magazine. All the constant traffic comes from Google, Bing, Last.FM, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook as well as from direct linking.

Fabryka Magazine headhunts for the most ambitious musicians (who have creative ideas and high production skills) to give them exposure through album or show reviews, interviews as well as podcasts and live interviews.
The content (including news, articles and legal mp3 downloads) has been free of charge to our readers. The Polish name "fabryka" means "factory" in English. The magazine uses two domains – industrialrock.net and fabryka.darknation.eu since it has been hosted on the Darknation.eu servers for the last several years.

Fabryka Magazine is active on various social networks that cater to musical artist such as Last.FM (over 1000 super compatible friends and joined 270 music groups), Twitter (over 1500 targeted followers incl. musicians, fans, festivals, radio, press, writers etc.) LinkedIn.com (over 1000 music business contacts), SoundCloud (group, over 1600 members), PureVolume.com as well as YouTube.com.

We have a few profiles on Google+ as it's the fastest growing social network since its opening to the public in mid 2011 and publishing our content there improves its SEO.
http://gplus.to/fabrykamagazine (over 640 friends)
http://gplus.to/musicreviews (over 9000 friends)
http://gplus.to/artworks (over 950** friends)

We also host our paid reviews at Google's Blogger at http://rockmetalreviews.blogspot.com and Tumblr at http://bestmusicreviews.tumblr.com.

**All the above social numbers were seen live on June 13th, 2014

2. Available ad spaces

1. Acceptable banners displayed in Top and/or Right panel(s) on every page of the magazine:

a) TOP - horizontal 700 px x 110 px,
b) RIGHT - horizontal (width: 220 px x height: 85 px),
c) RIGHT - horizontal (width: 220 x eight: 183 px),
d) RIGHT - vertical (width: 220 px x height: 400 px).

2. Banners will be displayed on every public page of the magazine which is accessible for the readers including:
- front/news page,
- review and interview lists,
- news categories,
- news archives,
- recommended albums (buy music on CDBaby),
- specified review and interview pages,
- free legal mp3s and other legal downloads,
- contact form,
- podcasts list,
- search form,
- all and specified tags (i.e. "industrial rock"),
- tech/social media articles (list and specified articles).

Ad banners are not available for a mobile version (WAP) of the magazine.

3. Pricing

4. Special offers

A bonus top banner adspace may be offered to customers who order a music review worth a minimum of $50 or more. This bonus adspace will be hosted for 30 days with no additional costs. A banner design (if necessary) is paid as seen in this offer (see: Pricing). The customer should apply to adspace requirements (see: Preferred advertisers).

5. Preferred advertisers

- industrial (industrial rock, industrial metal), metal, hardcore bands, labels and live music venues, clubs,
- music producers,
- recording, sound mastering and production studios,
- tattoo and piercing shops,
- rock, metal, industrial or alternative music clothing stores,
- merch makers, USB stick & CD/DVD: duplication, replication, manufacturing, CD printing,
- music stores (rock, metal, industrial - such as promoted in Fabryka Magazine),
- musical instrument manufacturers,
- art designers (f.e. industrial/steampunk related sculptors),
- music teachers and trainers offering online lessons,
- and more, feel free to ask here if we can host your ads!

6. Terms of service and payment

a) we assume you have agreed to the Terms of Service by receiving your payment (download TOS pdf here),
b) payment methods: PayPal.

7. Making and order or asking additional questions

Please send your questions and/or orders through this contact form available at Fabryka Music Magazine.
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