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EP SHORT REVIEW: Process Void - Dreams of Departure EP |self-released, 2017| 4/5

1. Eliminate, 2. Konstellation, 3. Disgrace, 4. Dying Machine, 5. Dreams Of Departure

Process Void, the Australian project of Alex J. Wise has been offering music fans an authentic, and classical goth/post-punk/electronic music since 2005 (its Arcane Matter debut was followed by Staat Des Zerfalls in 2009). In addition, Alex also created several song remixes of other Aussie bands such as Angelspit and Empty. Process Void returns in 2017 with a new EP entitled Dreams of Departure. Five brand new songs were written and recorded by Alex in Sydney, then produced, mixed and mastered by Claus Larsen (Laether Strip, Klutæ) in his Danish 'Strip Farm' studio.

The EP is filled with post-punk/goth song hits like 'Eliminate' which begins the release with a rhythmic beat and cold synths. If you love old-school, slightly groovy songs by The Cure, Joy Division or The Danse Society, you will appreciate the memorable arrangements of this track as well.
The next song, 'Konstellation' with its slower, charming vibe and guitar-bass-drums arrangements is a reliable trip into a unique part of the 80's rock music history. It could be easily used as a background track for a goth/punk scene documentary.

'Disgrace' is my favorite song of the release. Firstly, it comes with a very good composition which keeps your ears busy until the very end. The arrangements sound intriguing, then the spirit is lifted when the chorus comes in. The mix between high tuned guitars and low-laid synth falls deeply into memory and resonates with your body's vibration so much that most listeners will certainly put 'Disgrace' in rotation in a music player.
Then 'Dying Machine' brings a bit of isolation and space as initially you hear a beat, a distant synth and Alex' vocals only. Unforgettable guitar riffs and full drumming appear later, bringing much more light and beauty into the composition. Fans of the Sisters of Mercy & Joy Division should fall in love with this melodious and memorable song, inspiring enough to sing the chorus together with the vocalist.
A distinctive, slightly vibrated bass arrangement (typical for example for Bauhaus), mixed with tiny guitar tunes open 'Dreams of Departure' - the final act of the EP. The atmosphere here is innocent yet dark. Both vocal and instrumental parts are nicely interlaced with each other.

When it comes to mastering and production, these songs have an 'old', analogue music feel since they're not over-polished, unlike most of music produced these days. This way, songs recorded in 2017 mimic the authentic, 'underground' sound from early 1980s, which obviously adds value to this EP, considering you get to enjoy the musical time travel rather than clinical purity of sound.

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(Reviewer: Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia, July 14th, 2017. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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Staat des Zerfells |Green Mutant Recordings, 2009|

1. Skyro, 2. Vacuum, 3. Social Disease, 4. Somebody Out There Hates You, 5. Death Warrant, 6. Dead Youth, 7. Viscious Circle, 8. Passing Time, 9. Desire For the Impossible

First of all, an Australian band Process Void it is not an industrial rock band having on mind that rock content mostly. However I found many other interesting values to recommend you about their music despite it contains many electronic sounds.

The older Fabryka readers surely remember cold wave and gothic music at the beginning of the 80s. This period of time undoubtedly brought a lot of inspiration for its followers and has stayed attractive thanks to its charm and cold tunes. Fortunately that style of music hasn't been violated by remixes so far yet it's easily recognizable. You can feel that certain vibe in Process Void songs, more over its musicians state they were inspired by music of such bands like Killing Joke, The Sisters of Mercy, but even Peter Gabriel or King Crimson.

The project which Alex J. Wise has been a founder of, was able to bring back the echoes of the alternative eighties music with its simple yet dark songs.
A lot of them released on Staat des Zerfells album becomes memorable at the first listening, however they have nothing to do with catchy pop songs. The repeatability of some parts and refrains improves remembering them as well.
Examples? Here you go - a charming “Social Disease” sounds like if taken from early The Sisters of Mercy / Sisterhood albums or “Somebody Out There Hates You” and “Viscious Circle” recalling dynamic yet neurotic songs of Bauhaus and Joy Division. On the other hand, the new romantic moods of Human League and The Cure songs are brought by “Desire For the Impossible”.

You may hear also the early Wax Trax! releases atmosphere in “Death Warrant” with a use of vibrated guitar riffs like in those songs by Dessau or Skinny Puppy, being classified as industrial rock celebs.

With no doubts Process Void is a very interesting project to check out and the CD I got for a review is a HQ one with well done and designed booklet printings.
Finally, the album guest appearances include Alex Brunet from Empty (“Desire For the Impossible"), Kenji Siratori (narration in "Dead Youth" and "Passing Time"), Brendan Creaven from Lux Voltaire as well as Ant Banister with Albert Martinez from Lunar Module.

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