Argyle Park [reviews]
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Misguided |R.E.X. Music, 1994|

1. Refuge, 2. Headscrew, 3. Agony, 4. Futile, 5. Scarred for Life, 6. A Burdens Folly, 7. Circle, 8. Leave Me Alone, 9. Violent, 10. Diesel, 11. Gutterboy (I Am I Am), 12. Og, 13. Misanthrope, 14. Skin Shed, 15. Doomsayer, 16. Uffern

It's the only Argyle Park album re-released in 2005, with bonus songs and additional linear notes in the booklet. It should be noted that Argyle Park was a project of Klayton, who's been standing for Celldweller since a few years. Celldweller is Klayton but Argyle Park consisted of a few musicians to list: Buka, Tommy Victor (Prong), Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Lauren Boquette and Marco Forcone (Drown) or ex-Circle of Dust musicians, a band Klayton was during the 90's in as well: Daren Klank Diolosa, Chris Donahue and OG/John. They produced one of the most significant albums on industrial-metal scene.

Music included isn't catchy in any way, you have to listen to the songs several times to get the idea. Next it'll become your drug, and the best songs to start the addiction from are Agony, Gutterboy and Headscrew. Besides heavy guitar driven songs there is also are pure industrial track I Am I Am with weird monologues and effects, gentle, even female-esque Circle, soundtrack-like Refuge and a song with jazz add-ons called Leave Me Alone, very memorable to me.

There are also two songs very Prong-like, I mean Doomsayer and Misanthrope but a presence of Tommy Victor isn't strange that much regarding those tracks. It's a pity it was the only one album by Argyle Park but luckily such a remarkable.

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Suspension of Disbelief |Tooth & Nail Records, 2000|
1.The End, 2.Heroin Hate, 3.My Sympathies, 4.A Thousand Terrible Things, 5.Silhoutte Of Rage, 6.A New Wound, 7.The Red Shirt Conspiracy, 8.The Pact, 9.Resurrection Of The Ravens, 10.Goodbye, 11.The Only Man I Know, 12.Cold Breath Of Sorrow

Argyle Park as one of older projects of Scott Albert aka Klayton from Celldweller, it's one of significant ventures on the industrial metal and dark wave scene of the 90's. This album is signed as AP2, a non continued project featuring artists from Tooth & Nails label like Klank, but also Buka or Level (Dan Levler), theseday's lvl selling new songs via Celldweller's Fixt Music label.

Tracks on this album aren't that much intriguing like they were on the debut Argyle Park CD - Misguided, but you may find a variety of interesting songs like Heroin Hate (reminds me Bile czy N17, but AP2 CD was recorded earlier then those), My Sympathies (it sounds like theseday's Celldweller and his Symbiont song), Silhoutte of Rage (typical rhythm and samples known from Misguided), or a rock The Red Shirt Conspiracy. I mentioned all those predatory and guitar driven tracks but there are also a lot of ambient and electronic tracks on the album so anyone can find something cool for himself. The album is looped with a piano accord so draws a circle.

This CD has more collector's than any other value to me, but it's worth of listening, because the band was listed as one of the groups recording christian music, mainly thanks to being signed to a Christian music label Tooth & Nail Records.

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