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Plastik |Human Factors Lab, 2004|

1.Living and/or Dying, 2.Adam and Eve, 3.Dead Heroes, 4.Identity in Duplicates, 5.Leaches , 6.Broken Toy, 7.Humanized, 8.Dinner with Renee

The debut album of Human Factors Lab brings the tunes both guitars and electronics driven. Dark vocals add a shape to the songs so if you look for more aggressive stuff check out Adam and Eve or Humanized. The songs preview can be found at HFL official website:

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Pap3r |Human Factors Lab, 2006|

1.Dinner with Renee remixed by Crossbreed, 2.Adam and Eve remixed by KMFDM, 3.Humanized remixed by KYDEITY, 4.Leaches remixed by Angel (PIG), 5.Dead Heroes remixed by Lunatic Candy Kreep, 6.Broken Toy remixed by 16volt, 7.Dinner with Renee remixed by RGee , 8.Humanized remixed by Curse Mackey (Pigface), 9/Dead Heroes remixed by Sinscape, 10.Broken toy remixed by Absynthe, 11.Adam and Eve remixed by Kuzmark, 12.Dead heroes remixed by Ballistic Buddha, 13.Broken Toy remixed by Cynergy 67, 14.Leaches remixed by BILE

Pap3r it's a remix CD which contains reinterprated songs included to Plastic CD released in 2004. The remixers are musicians coming from many well known bands like Pig, Pigface, Bile, 16volt or KMFDM. Theer are also new bands which gather an interest of fans quickly like: Crossbreed, Cynergy 67, KYDEITY or Sinscape. The interesting side of these remixes is that the original vibe of them has been kept. It happens that a remixer might spice the song too much with his own characteristic sound and mixing methods. KMFDM is one of the bands with such an remarkable tune, but the remix they made for Adam and Eve doesn't differ that much from the original one. Kuzmark also avoided too many changes to the song, tho the original is built in a very compact way so I guess couldn't be remixed too much.

Personally I like a remix for Dinner With Renee by Crossbreed and RGee, maybe because the original song gives many ways to reinterpret it. Curse Mackey from Pigface made a song Humanized in a bit dance version. It demands also to get accustomed to 16volt's remix for Broken Toy because it sounds a way interesting besides a bit dumb drums. Remix by Absinthe is the most heaviest song on this album, very harsh and noisy in comparison to the other remixes.
Dead Horses is a song not that easy to re-interpret although it contains characteristic refrain and a stable construction. Sinscape and Lunatic tried their remixing abilities, check them out. I miss only a remix by an Australian composer Adam Pask, would be cool if included too.
It's a good record for the fans both of Human Factors Lab and the artists remixing the tracks.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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