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That Which Divides |Chantproject Music Publishing, 2007|

Point and Click, Crash Me, Inspiration Spawned by a Corporate Takeover, This Secret, Things You Know, Sate, Waking Up, Wake Up, The Line, Going Home, Reaching for Something New, The Same Change

Chant has been known on the local Texas scene since a few years as he's been giving a lot of live shows and got into collaborations with famous but also professional musicians. A list of bands he has performed with so far is long but includes such names like: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, White Rabbit, DAX, Genitortures, Mortiis, VAST, The Last Dance, Attrition, Pigface, Cesium::137, Mentallo and The Fixer or The Hunger. Impressive, isn't it? Moreover all the shows had happened between 2004/2006 but of course more to come.
This is the first full album of Chant but there were 2 other releases put out in 2004 as a CD and DVD called Beginnings.

I was sweetening over Texas rock music many times but it's a good moment to recall that because Chant has been based in Austin, TX. The album varies from radio/dancefloor sort of songs (Point and Click, Crash Me, Wake Up, The Line) to even suitable for video games or movies soundtracks (Waking Up with an ambient background enriched with exotic vibe probably influenced by Dead Can Dance band music) and kind of murky and instrumental Going Home. My favourite track begins at the end of the album and it's called The Same Change, with a very interesting song structure and a changeable rhythm. Pay attention also to Reaching for Something New (this title could be the CD title very easy!) which has this bass line hidden somewhere in the background but remarkable enough to make your ears interested. Going Home mentioned above is a great song, very simple but also with a very mysterious vibe. I really enjoyed listening to that!

The album was recorded (with additional drum parts) by Martin Atkins (Pigface, Invisible Records), and was produced by Mark DuFour, en ex-member of two excellent Texas based industrial metal bands of the 90's- Skrew and The Skatenigs. Mark cooperated last year with another memorable Texas band - Snow Black, featuring Phildo Owen from Revolting Cocks.
The CD was released in a professional digipack. Check out Chant's website and Myspace profile for more information.

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