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SONG SHORT REVIEW:The Jewell Thieves - Today Not Fade Away (song review) |self-released, single, 2017| 3/5

The father & son tag team featuring Mike Jewell (guitar) and Nicholas Jewell (lead vocals, guitar) was formed in Boston, MA in 2014. Both gentlemen play other instruments as well, depending on a song’s required instrumentation.

First of all, start by reading the song's lyrics as they're very descriptive. The first character, an unnamed woman wakes up at 6 AM, does her make up, drinks a morning coffee, then gets on a train to ride aimlessly for the most part of her day. Not only does she not see any opportunities to change her life for the better, but also perceives herself as someone forgotten. Then there's a man too, who mirrors her lack of a new direction. His heart calls him out to ditch his mundane job, but he still sits on the fence because he has no alternative (as expressed in the lyrics: “How do you fight back when you’re not sure what you are fighting for?”).
The song-writing Jewells understand these characters' struggle and allow the two (non)fictional individuals to finally be noticed. Careful listeners should naturally expect these two unfortunate humans to meet, to learn they'd found positive solutions to their so far stuck lives. The song doesn't develop the imaginative introduction, so it would be great if The Jewell Thieves wrote another track to continue the seemingly purposeful plot.

Musically, the song starts on a delicate note. The guitar arrangements are non-intrusive, kept in a post punk-rock tune. The vocals are high, clear, and easily understandable. The sound is kept 'dirty' to fit the alternative vibe - in case of this genre, one can let go of the need for cleaner audio production. The repetitive verses and choruses are divided by moments of silence to alter individual moods of incoming arrangements. Despite of the impatient yet middle paced tempo, the choruses bring more dynamics thanks to intensified drums and guitars. The song's composition feels lengthy and stretched out at first but it then makes sense when you understand the lyrical theme - it reflects the stagnant lives of an average 'Joe' and 'Lucy' around the world.

(Reviewer: Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia, November 30th, 2017. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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