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Dizzolve & AutomatoN
NINa reviewed two albums for our label, Dizzolve - The Hookwirm EP and AutomatoN - Sub Coma. Both reviews were not only intricately crafted but well articulated as well. Each review was similar in writing style but completely separate in their view points and personal critique of each song and the album(s) as a whole. This was not a standard copy and paste scenario like some reviewers attempt to pull off. Upon reading the final product, one could tell how much effort NINa placed into carefully crafting each sentence and/or paragraph. Attention to minor details within the audio was heard as well as influences ranging back several decades. As previously mentioned, all of these intricacies were finely crafted into both review which not only displayed a large amount of time and effort on her part, but a huge amount of thought goes into each review as well.
NINa is 100% a professional in this industry and I will not only keep circling back to her for more reviews, but assist with getting her name and brand out there to the masses. The talent on this site needs to be explored by all musicians!

Chris Bollinger | 10.07.2018 | Dizzolve - The Hookwirm EP review & Automaton - Sub Coma album review

Mr. Kaplan
I can't say enough great things about NINa. She took the time to actually listen to my song and gave a personal critique of the song. She even took the time to listen to some of my other songs and check out my website. It's great to know that there are people like NINa in the music world that care about artists!! Thanks so much NINa.
Jason McClary | 20.02.2018 | Review

Kevon Carter
My first time having a review from NINa. She was very timely in her responses, professional, honest, and sincere. I appreciate all of your feedback and is satisfied. Will definitely work with Nina again in the future and have her critique some more of my tracks. Thank you for your time and expertise.
Kevon Carter | 23.01.2018 | Review

3hree Handed Magic
What a talented, gifted writer! Beyond the positive review I so humbly received, I must say the very way she characterized the work in words that described in clear detail what she perceived from the recording was stellar to say the least! I have just posted a copy of her work on my Facebook webpage because I am sincerely impressed with her delivery and style. She provides a Great tool to help promote your Recordings! I would venture to say that I am one of her biggest fans! They just don't come any better than NINa...
Louis Schulte | 24.04.2017 | Review

Sonny Hunter
This was my 3rd write up by NINa and she has been absolutely accurate and insightful in the reviews as to how others may feel about my songs. Obvious she knows what she's doing and puts it into sensible artistic words.
Sonny Hunter | 11.04.2017 | Review

State of Being
I was really pleased to read such an insightful review. NINa has both a talent for words and a great ear. I hadn't previously thought of "Signs" as a single, but sure enough, it is starting to get some attention as DJs have gravitated toward it as well. She was spot on. She gets it.
Christopher Foldi | 02.03.2017 | Review

Commit Samantha
This is our first review of our material and frankly, NINa came back with such an honest review, that we felt we now had some direction in which to head! Super happy with the results and responsiveness of NINa in communicating and fulfilling her role. She clearly listened to, and dug into, our track for some insightful commentary and emotion. we will surely reach out to her again for her opinion!! no question..... have her review your stuff! Thank you NINa!!!
Kon | 24.02.2017 | Review

Malice Machine
We're absolutely floored by your review. Your insight is incredibly intuitive and more then once in tune with what Sepsis was expressing with his lyrics as well as the emotions of the music. We've been trying to get some sort of productive feedback for months, to get a feel for what we should do next or if we should continue in this direction and it's inspiring to hear that our vision has potential. You're so right in your ending statement that it's hard to garner any attention online and that we're looking at playing live as the key to breaking through the corporate wall. It's easy to get frustrated by the seeming indifference of the virtual community but your review is one of the best motivations we've gotten.
Ammo | 20.02.2017 | Review

This is the 2nd time our band has been fortunate enough to have a song reviewed by NINa. Both times she has thought about all aspects of our sound and the people creating it. Her review's have also helped us consider how others may see our evolution of sound so we could not be happier. NINa clearly LOVES reviewing music!
Charlie Phillips | 15.02.2017 | Review

NINa actually listens to the music, thinks about content and delivers a thoughtful and thorough review. She reached out & we are glad she did. Music is art, art is subjective. NINa has a view that is unique and sparks conversation about her interpretation. Lastly, she is great to communicate with. Thank you for the review!
Tone | 11.01.2017 | Review

NINa reviewed the track 'Brüder' from my album Krieg and did a superb job. She gave an in-depth and content driven assessment of the song plus a worthfull suggestion. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot NINa!
Hendrik Jan Vermeulen | 26.12.2016 | Review

Super Monaco
Thank you NINa for such an in-depth and detailed review. Your choice of words show such a high level of craft and ability to understand the feel, emotion and many nuances in the music and lyrics. This passionate writing is very encouraging and offers a professional ear that can always be relied upon for critique.
Benjamin Moore | 12.12.2016 | Review

Shadows & Mirrors
If your song is selected, you will not be disappointed. Well worth your time to submit. Thank you NINa!
Brian Diamond | 01.12.2016 | Review

NINa's review was detailed in a way that the reader can 100% know what the artist / band are like. She was poetic, honest, focused and created a sense you were already listening to said act. It was quite long also, she really did listen and really understood what was being heard. You have to have a vast understanding of music to get the reply I did. Amazing... well worth it.
A.S.Crofts | 01.12.2016 | Review

Dumb Hole
NINa what can I say that haven't already been said in past testimonials?, you are simply one of a kind! I have never read a review with this much effort put into understanding the songwriting as a hole. It is pure joy reading how you describe your own internal experience while listening to our music. You've really snapped up the songs underlying messages and the way you describe how these get enhanced by our musical performance and the way of composing is just the biggest compliment ever, thank you!
Magnus Almqvist | 22.11.2016 | Review

NINa, there are very few reviews I have read about us that made me go back and research topics so I can make sure I understand where the reviewer is coming from. I feel like you are right on the mark. Your article spelling and grammar are top notch, your approach to us, thoughtful. Our whole team are grateful and we will definitely send you more songs in future. Thank you so much!
Charlie Phillips | 12.05.2016 | Review

Gianluca John Attanasio
Gianluca John: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the beautiful album review. I have never seen one more detailed and balanced, before.
Jessy: Dear Nina, we are excited for your review. It appears extraordinarily complete and detailed. You caught every nuance of the CD, while maintaining an objective - but also very critical- point of view. You have been able to grasp all the aspects of the album, both of "aesthetic" and content. We are really very grateful for your incredible work.

Gianluca John Attanasio & Jessy Rush / House Of Clouds Records | 23.04.2016 | Review

Heretics in The Lab
Some say that industrial music is a dying genre. Industrial music, specifically of the guitar-driven variety, is seldom written about or recognized in what has become an EBM driven genre. Fabryka Magazine keeps the heart of the genre alive by focusing on artists who stick to the roots of what made industrial music so impressive and avant-garde. Not only is Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz a fan of the genre, but she is particularly skilled in giving detailed reviews and testimonials that allow the reader to visualize the concept of the album and the details of each song. NINa is exceptionally professional, responsive and understanding of all aspects of the review process, from the wants and needs of an artist to the marketing aspects such as social networking and online exposure. It was a pleasure to work with Fabryka and I would greatly recommend NINa for album reviews and testimonials.
Shannon Phillips / Feral Six Media | 20.04.2016 | Review

Ethan Pell
I read your review, and I must say that I love it. I like the introduction and I also liked reading your thoughts on the deeper meaning of the song, it's close to what I had in mind when making this piece.
Ethan Pell | 02.04.2016 | Review

Barefaced Liar
Thanks very much for the great review - it's really in-depth, covers all aspects of the song and exceeded our expectations.
Akshay Chowdhry | 29.01.2016 | Review

Unified Past
Nina - it's wonderful - so well written and the language creates such fantastic imagery. Really appreciate your feedback on our music and thanks so much.
Steve Speelman | 15.01.2016 | Review

Thank you for this great, well-detailed review and for all of the support you give to the scene with your excellent magazine. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with serious and passionate people.
Aaron Sadrin | 05.01.2016 | Review

Larry Leadfoot
NINa has eloquently summed up exactly what I hoped any intelligent metal fan would have to say about the music and more. Her description is precise and accurately portrays what we set out to achieve with our sound. I could not be happier with her extremely professional service and would recommend her to anyone who wants a decent review of their craft.
Nick Parkinson | 28.12.2015 | Review

Ghost in the Machine
Thank you so much NINa for the wonderful, skillfully written interview and review of our new album Broken from Binary. It is not often such great care and detail is given to a writing. Her technical ear dials into the essence of her study and she really finds the best way to present her craft. I would instantly recommend and refer her to anyone in the industry. NINa - we will be back to work with you again!
Ghost in the Machine | 22.12.2015 | Review | PR interview

Ghost Embrace
Thank you so much, I enjoyed reading and the "must have for 2015", made me cry. It was a long road and lot of hard work. I appreciate your time and effort. Ever so grateful.
Anne Freeman | 15.12.2015 | Review | PR interview

The Abstract Flower
NINa has given me invaluable information from the perspective of an outsider with a very well trained ear.
Adriano Gattabuia | 25.11.2015 | Review

Gus McArthur
NINa is amazing to work with and an incredible writer! Her musical knowledge and expertise of hard rock as well as metal comes through her reviews flawlessly. Our experience working with NINa was very delightful and 100% professional! I would recommend her reviews to any band in the industry looking for an honest non-biased review of their music. Thanks again NINa, you rock!
Gus McArthur | 18.11.2015 | Review

NINa is intelligent and detailed in her review. She does her homework and finds out who the artist is as a whole. What a breath of fresh air that is! This was well worth the submission fee. I can’t wait to do the next one with her.
Darice M. Kannon | 9.11.2015 | Review

NINa has done a few reviews now for my new Album songs and they have all been valuable assets to me to go along with the promotion of that song. She has a very good knowledge of music and understanding of how its structured so you feel safe in knowing she will get it, how ever obscure your piece of art is. She breaks the song down to the core of its meaning and this is hard to find with a lot of press these days. A lot of thought gets put into your review and it honest. Thanks Again
Ben | 31.08.2015 | Review

Beer Killer
Thank you so much for your review!! We really appreciate your feedback. It was a real pleasure. NINa you are wonderful.
Beer Killer | 31.07.2015 | Review

In Virgo
Working with NINa was truly a wonderful experience. Her album and song reviews are insightful, detailed, and entertaining to the reader, while also being enlightening for the musician. It is obvious that she takes every song very seriously, and spends a lot of time listening and interpreting the material. Her interviews go deep, and she asks very thoughtful questions that are relevant and refreshing. Aside from her inspirational prose, what really elevates NINa above other reviewers are her ears... she hears the details and subtleties in a composition that others easily miss, and can easily put even the most esoteric elements of a song into words. If your band is looking for some top quality press and insight from a true music connoisseur, you simply can’t go wrong with NINa and Fabryka Magazine!
Chris Egert | 15.04.2015 | Review | Interview

melodic DIRT
I wanted to thank Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz for her review on melodic DIRT at industrialrock.net. I found the review to be interesting with comments such as: "(...) this interesting mix results in music that by no means makes for easy-listening, but remains original and intriguing, despite the multitude of influences (...)". I liked how she listened to each song providing commentary about the whole album. It was fun to read another persons perspective about the music and I can tell she put some time into the review. Read more about this artist's feedback on his website.
Joe | 22.02.2015 | Review

Just like last time, we're simply overwhelmed by your highly flattering and professional, well-written evaluation! We can't wait to get this review out. Superbly done!
Kjetil Ottersen | 21.01.2015 | Review

The Blackmail Seduction
NINa and all at Fabryka Music Magazine - Thank you for giving a critical listen to The Blackmail Seduction’s song War At Home (The 5 out of 5 rating and comparisons to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are appreciated)! It is evident that you genuinely listened. Fans of heavier sounding music should definitely take a serious look at your magazine and heavier sounding bands should definitely contact you for press consideration. Thanks again.
Jess McClellan | 12.01.2015 | Review

NINa is amazing. Her review of my EP is so honest, spot-on, well articulated and flattering at the same time - it sent a chill down my spine. It's also surreal - like she stepped into my mind and put into words exactly what I wanted to express. Thank you!
Bruce Drummond | 11.10.2014 | Review

I have read the review several times and I liked it a lot. Excellent job! It's really hard to listen to some unknown music and then describe it in your own words. I guess that all musicians, both popular and unknown, must be grateful for the stuff you guys are doing - discover the music, listen to it and then find the exact words to get all music-loving people interested in it... 'cause in the end it's them we are making music for.
Alexander 'Zyggie' Korpusov | 24.06.2014 | Review

Spookshow inc.
Have no doubt, NINa and her team at Fabryka Music Magazine are professionals dedicated to the case of promoting industrial music best way possible. They are in touch when you need answers, and are very good to sense the core essence of the artist reading between the lines in lyrics and coming up with both visual and sound associations when listening to the material. Will definitely come back to this caring and creative team in the future for quality promo stuff.
Lucky Spook | 05.06.2014 | Review | interview

It was awesome working with NINa and Fabryka Magazine. The review was fantastically detailed (and very complimentary) and showed that they had a really good listen to all the tracks and understood the genre well. The associated interview questions were very thoughtful, and overall this was a fantastic experience. Thanks a bunch!
Bryan Tabuteau | 27.05.2014 | Album review | interview

Victoria Love
Thanks for the wonderful review. You really captured what I was going for and wrote about it beautifully. :)
Victoria Love | 28.04.2014 | Song review

Below The Sun
This is our first experience with NINa, very good experience. Awesome review, very well written! She offers very quick response, pays attention to the details, right to the point, and quick response again. Just like professional one should be. You will just enjoy to work with her. Highly recommended! Thank you again, NINa!
Below The Sun | 19.04.2014 | Song review

We are speechless, really. This has got to be one of the most serious, detailed and flattering reviews we have ever received in our combined time as recording artists! You have truly done an amazing piece of work here, NINa, regardless of the verdict. Thank you so very much for everything!
Kjetil Ottersen | 18.02.2014 | Album review

The 88's
We did many reviews for our songs and the one NINa did for us was by far one of the best! It was a real review, where she took time to listen to the song and give a detailed opinion. She also did a great promotion of that review after! Thanks again NINa!
Pheel Duarte | 07.02.2014 | Song review

This woman has a talent to grasp a band's inner beauty. Her reviews are true and enticing, and really offer a beautiful pathway through which one can start appreciating a bands music. If you grasped her ears, you are in for a treat. We from CalatrilloZ adore NINa.
Zahyin | 02.02.2014 | Song review 1 | Song review 2

Bruno Pittelli
Ciao Nina grazie per la recensione, sei una professionista molto preparata.
Bruno Pittelli | 31.12.2013 | Song review

Eroded Pride
My name is Jimmie Jones and I am in the Industrial Metal band Eroded Pride. Recently Eroded Pride had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine, who had also just reviewed our latest album Short Attention-span Theatre. Our interviewer NINa went to great lengths to get as much back story on the band, its origin, its music and its future in a series of pre-interview questions that honestly were tougher to answer than the actual interview questions. Ultimately her detail to the pre-questions opened me up to be more responsive and provide better answers for the interview. Interviews have never been one of my strong points; But NINa and Fabryka Music Magazine were very accommodating and professional in their approach and style. I would recommend anyone who is serious about moving forward in the music business to read interviews done by NINa and Fabryka Music Magazine and serious musicians to be interviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine. Thank You Fabryka Music Magazine and thank you Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz for the opportunity.
Jimmie Jones | 06.11.2013 | Interview

Eroded Pride
Recently Eroded Pride had the opportunity to have our latest album Short Attention-span Theatre reviewed by Fabryka Music Magazine. I usually have apprehensions regarding reviews and the depth of song storytelling getting lost in the translation of a reviewer. I am happy to say that the scope of professionalism and attention to detail, they even requested lyrics to all the songs, made the review experience by Fabryka Music Magazine a pleasant and refreshing change.
Fabryka Music Magazine and the reviewer in particular dug deep into our music and had a firm grasp on the genre, style and intimate details of not only the whole album, but each song individually. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to not only read Fabryka Music Magazine, but if you are a serious musician, submitting your work for review to Fabryka Music Magazine. Thank You Fabryka Music Magazine and thank you Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz for the opportunity.

Jimmie Jones | 06.11.2013 | Album review

I have read your review and am very impressed with the detail you went to and your insight into the song. Love how you drew on the story of the song by using the lyrics and pointing out that the song leaves you wandering whether or not the chase was real, was it a story of running from something or someone. You picked up on exactly what I wanted listeners to get out of it. Can't thank you enough, you have quite a talent.
Brett Rayner | 25.09.2013 | Song review

Edward Lafuentes
The review is wonderful and very descriptive, your wording is very unique from other reviews, a very MAGICAL way of putting things into a heavy metal perspective and yet for all to read. Very cool again, thank you.
Edward Lafuentes | 30.08.2013 | Album review

Xander Demos
It was an absolute pleasure working with NINa and Fabryka Magazine. NINa crafted thoughtful, interesting questions for my artist, Xander Demos, and posted them in an extremely timely manner. She also spread her post on social media, to ensure maximum exposure for my artist. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Michael Stover (MTS Management Group) | 21.08.2013 | Interview

I've been truly impressed by the quality of your work; very helpful! thanks again!
Phil Glasses | 16.08.2013 | Song review

13 Shadows
NINa accepted our song for review and delivered a well written review in a very timely matter. The review was awesome, that was a pleasant bonus. Upon reviewing one song she expressed an interest in reviewing the entire album and has shown an interest in our music. Without a doubt she gets the 13 Shadows recommendation.
Denise Donahue | 26.07.2013 | Song review

Any one out there making music, submit your works to NINa, she's a wonderful person and empathic professional. Thank you for the accurate and fabulous review and for still keeping it all real. Love and life to you and your staff from UN-Reason. Looking forward to more reviews.
Giorgio Bormida | 18.07.2013 | Album review

Ghost Embrace
I am thankful to have contacted NINa here at MusicXray, she is a person that I thought had the right vibe to truly hear the music we created. NINa understands the emotion behind the music, the thoughtful insight of her discoveries within the music are revealing and positive. The review that she gave our music will be lasting, and will endure in the minds of the reader. NINa, today the artists and technicians of Ghost Embrace send you a heartfelt thank you!
Jerome Lee | 27.06.2013 | Song review

Division 1.1
NINa is a consummate professional and beyond easy to work with! It was apparent from her well-crafted and insightful review that she took the time necessary to absorb what she was reviewing lyrically and thematically, as well as musically and viscerally - not many journalists take that kind of time and effort and I think all artists would greatly appreciate the medium to a much greater extent if all zines/sites held themselves to her standards! Great job NINa!
Steve Ratchen | 26.06.2013 | Song review

Sergey Rybytskyy
Thank you so much for a great review! I liked your comparison with "a famous primadonna walking along a red carpet" especially :)) I appreciate your original author's manner :)
Sergey Rybytskyy | 26.06.2013 | Album review

Fake Empire
Thanks you for interviewing me! The questions touched on a lot of interesting topics and were fun to answer.
Scott Brown | 18.05.2013 | Interview

Celestial Fury
That looks really good, thank you very much! I'm looking forward to it being published!
Alasdair Cooper | 13.05.2013 | Song review

Thank you NINa for your Professional review. You have not only made all the hard work worthwhile but given me invaluable advise and motivation for future projects. I highly recommend anyone thinking about submitting songs for review to "go for it", you will not regret it ...I look forward to submitting further songs in the future.
Rhys Williams | 08.04.2013 | Song review

Joel Smith Project
The review is awesome and spot on, the lyrics are completely about the idea of religious hypocrisy and the absurdity of arguing that there's only 1 proper belief system in the universe.
Joel Smith | 19.03.2013 | Song review

Carved In Ashes
Thanks for the awesome review! It was very professional and thorough. NINa certainly has a good ear for detail!
Jani Lehtinen | 27.02.2013 | Song review

Theia Collides
Everything was correct. Thank you much for an honest & fair review.
George Stevens | 10.02.2013 | Song review

We had our demo reviewed by NINa few years ago and it really helped us with our band and getting the name out there. So when we finally came to release our official first release we knew we had to get a review done by NINa. The review was concise and picked up on points which I had deliberately left out of any press release. We will definitely be working with Nina again in the future for the next release.
Idene Roozbayani | 05.02.2013 | Song review
Kimmo Savilampi
NINa's review of my EP feels very real and honest. She got the small details in that even I did not think about. A very easy to understand and professional review, spot on in my opinion. Thank you very much NINa & Fabryka Music Magazine, you rock!!
Kimmo Savilampi | 22.01.2013 | EP review

Alex Von Z
NINa provided an excellent review in a timely manner. She was great to work with and assured I was satisfied with the results. I plan to use her services again - thanks NINa!
Alex Von Z | 28.12.2012 | Song review

We love the review everything looks great we appreciate it very much.
Matt Bird | 18.12.2012 | Song review

File Transfer Protocol
NINa wields words like a finely honed weapon in the hands of a master: with grace, elegance, and deadly accuracy. Her review of my music was spot-on and frankly, I was a little surprised how deep she drilled into the true meaning of my work. Everybody is a "reviewer" these days, but few have the experience in the industrial rock genre that Fabryka does, and even fewer take their craft as seriously. I highly recommend NINa and Fabryka Reviews.
Sean Rieger | 18.12.2012 | Album review

Brilliant work! These two words I had in mind when I was reading the review. NINa describes very well and accurate, the song, the music skills of the musicians in our band and she catches the "spirit" in our music. We are very glad that we worked with her.
Tsvetan Karabov | 10.12.2012 | Song review

Andrew Appletree & The Neptune Riders
Nice review. Thank you for looking into my music. You are the 1st to start seeing some of the hidden meaning message in the music & art work, lot more than meets the eye & ear.
Andrew Appletree | 25.11.2012 | Song review

We think you captured the essence of the album in your words. Very glad you reviewed it. Thanx.
J. Bergman | 22.10.2012 | Album review

Prophets of War
Once again NINa has given us a very professional & detailed review. It's clear she did a lot of research on our band & the song. We'll certainly be back for more reviews. Thanks again NINa!
Roger Menso | 18.10.2012 | Song review

Win The Day
NINa, thank you so much for helping me on my journey. Your ears were able to pull things from my song that were invisible to most listeners. To artists considering a submission for review, I would highly recommend it!
Charlie Gathe | 22.09.2012 | Song review

It is very thoughtful and I enjoy the way you explain your impression of the album. It's cool that you can explain it in visual and aural terms simultaneously as well as treat it like an experience you are having. I really appreciated you listening to the album and taking the time to write the review! I can't wait to share it.
Jake Alejo | 07.09.2012 | Album review

Excellent to work with! Professionalism at it's best. The review was well written with great detail. Thank you for your time and a great review.
Vaughn Pokrzywa | 24.08.2012 | Song review

Phobos Corp.
Thank you ever so much for your review!!! It was awesome to read and much better than other so-called "reviews". I appreciate the in-depth info and details you included, along with your beautiful writing style!! It was a pleasure to work with you :)
Spyros Papadakis | 22.08.2012 | Song review

Punch Drunk Monkey
Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you like our music. I was really impressed with it & thought I'd get you to review my main band's work. We're a prog death metal band from Australia looking to get a bit of exposure overseas, especially Europe.
Roger Menso | 18.08.2012 | Song review

Rusty Salvo
NINa was very easy to work with and I recommend her highly. I was seeking some outside objective comments on my track and that's exactly what I got. NINa thoroughly deconstructed my song and provided valuable and actionable feedback; including where my music would most likely be best received and the kind of listener I should target. She was very helpful.
Quinten Schmit | 15.08.2012 | Song review

Dead Animal Assembly Plant
We at D.A.A.P are thoroughly pleased with the professional and completely objective album review done by Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazine. The meticulously detailed review truly peeled apart the thematic layers of the album to reveal the meaty core. We can't wait to have future albums reviewed and would recommend it to musicians of all ilk.
Z.Wager | 10.08.2012 | Album review

Your the first professional to give me a review and I love it. Yes everything is correct. Reading it fills me with hope and is a real confidence booster. (...) You've been a big help (...) Thank you for what you said about my video, because I straight up did the filming and the editing by myself and it was the first time I had done anything like that.
Belt | 07.08.2012 | Song review
Electric Moon
I think it's very flattering, and we're very happy to have it. Thanks again for your time and effort. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Jake Gordin | 30.07.2012 | Song review

Everything looks good.
John Spangler | 05.07.2012 | Song review

Mike Drazka
Thank you sooo much for the fantastic review! It is very honest and well written. I agree with you that some of the tracks would work really well with a vocalist. Unfortunately I don't sing and I didn't want to ruin a good song with bad vocals. If you happen to know any singers who might be interested in collaborating please let me know.
Mike Drazka | 18.06.2012 | Album review

Music Xray
NINa is an excellent individual to work with and her marketing know how and capability to execute make her a valuable resource. She always took the extra time needed to work with the various artists at Music Xray and the staff always enjoyed working with her. She is very knowledgeable in the music industry and has a GREAT set of ears when it comes to new music. NINa knows a good artist when she hears them and is also there to help in areas where the artist needs further improvement. Highly recommended and all around great person to work with.
Bert Hartmann (Chief Operating Officer at Music Xray until 03/2012) | 05.06.2012 | LinkedIn profile

The review was outstanding and greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!
Eric Broxton | 26.05.2012 | Song review

Message To The Machine
I like it a lot. I've waited ages to hear someones thoughts about my music. You know, instead of just hearing: "yeh cool''. I have read it twice and I am happy with the review, very interesting. Now I finally get to add a 'press' section to my Reverbnation page :)
James Orez | 25.05.2012 | EP review

Mike Drazka
Thank you so much for the great review. You really went above and beyond reviewing the song. Everything is correct in it. I have an album that I'm hoping to release in the next 3 weeks or so. I would love to have you do a review of it. It has the song "Angels of War" on it and the other songs are similar in that style. I will be sure to tell people about you, the magazine and your reviews. Thank you again.
Mike Drazka | 16.05.2012 | Song review

The Seas
It was a pleasure working with Nina! We were thrilled with the review of our debut album. She kept in regular contact and delivered exactly as promised. Not only is she a very skilled writer, but her musical knowledge and emotional connection to music makes her reviews that much more powerful. I would highly recommend her to any band looking for a solid, honest review of their music.
Michael Sliter | 01.05.2012 | Album review

Hello NINa! Thank you for your wonderful review of our song. We could not agree more with your observations and opinions of our band and our music. (...) Thanks again for the opportunity to present our music to you and ultimately to your fans. We will certainly submit more of our songs to you through MusicXray as we go through the process of completing our new album.
Mike, Nik, Rick and Chris | 17.04.2012 | Song review

Fall of Eden
Hey, Awesome! Thanks so much for the great review! (...) It looks great, and thank you so much for the positive words! I of course will leave you positive feedback!
Russ Knöbel | 11.04.2012 | Song review

Sit Kitty Sit
Hi Nina, This is great. Thank you SO much.
Gun Horse Records | 02.04.2012 | Song review

Thank you so much - I love it! I totally agree about the vocal side of things, this is very much an area I am developing in (...) Really appreciate your time on this, please let me know where I can submit feedback for your excellent work.
Pete Baughan | 30.03.2012 | EP review

Your review was spot on. I wouldn't change a word and I do appreciate what you had to say. Thank you once again for the insightful review.
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