Post Death Soundtrack [reviews]
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Music as Weaponry |Post Death Soundtrack, 2008|

Axe of Fiction, Decentralize, The Pre-emptive Art, Life Gone Solitary, Long Cold Night, War Song, Euchreist, We're Going Hunting, Simulation and Simulacra, Killing Time, Fingerprints, Serenade

The Canadian electronic music bands are rather focused on building songs based on atomspheres more than making the dynamics or power the main features. This album is very gloomy, lyrical, almost depressive, merging a few music styles like classic rock (guitar riffs in Euchereist and Hegemonic Bastards Network), electronic industrial tunes kind of Numb, Skinny Puppy, Out Out (Decentralize, The Preemptive Art (Striking First and Hardest), Simulation & Simulacra) and completely chillout but still dark vibes (Life Gone Solitary, Long Cold Night, War Song, Serenade, I'll Meet You at the End...) based on ambient and trip-hop electronics, clear vocals and a bit classic guitar. The only 'rock' songs I found on the album they are Simulation & Simulacra and Hegemonic Bastards Network, other than that fans of Numb or older Dismantled should enjoy Decentralize track a lot.

There's some artistic feel in Post Death Soundtrack's music and I'm sure it will be appreciated by those of you who look for more sensual feel focused on the lyrics and atmospheres better so represented by bands kind of Radiohead, Portishhead, Tricky, Massive Attack than the rhythmic or powerful songs. I belong to the secend group of the listeners thus listening to Music as Weaponry gives me some negative emotions and because of that you'd better judge PDS's music yourself buying their album. PDS offers a few songs for a free download at their official website. My rating is based on the fact it's a well released album but it doesn't include any exciting and powerful industrial rock songs and I believe the band considered 'a risk' sending me such music for a review ;) ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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