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Update 2: MINI-REVIEWS: I offer 600-1000 character-long mini-reviews, which you can use for promotional and commercial purposes based on a non-exclusive commercial license. Unlike full reviews however, the mini-reviews are not published on Fabryka Magazine's pages, blogs or social networks.
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Update 1: BONUS: If you submit 1-2 albums (must be between 11-20 songs max) for my detailed music review, I can also do a promotional interview inc. 3 original questions (via email). Both will be published on Fabryka Magazine and major social networks (Last.FM, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr). Required music genres: metal, rock, guitar driven industrial, dark ambient. More info about this bonus. Example interviews: click.

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In_zekT - Industrial-Scale Murder review
[Industrial/cyber metal/djent] Industrial-Scale Murder (2015) [Review]
Jesus Chrysler Suicide - new video single
Jesus Chrysler Suicide is a Polish metal band which includes industrial arrangements to their music as well. They've been working on a new EP which is planned to be out in early 2015. "Polska Chora" (= insane, sick Poland) music video single promotes one of the tracks of yet to be named release. If you enjoy Ministry's & Rob Zombie's music, this is for you too. Click Extended News to watch the video.
In_zekT - Industrial-scale Murder new single
Norwegian industrial metal band In_zekT will be releasing their newest 20 minutes long single entitled Industrial-scale Murder on 01/16/2015. Kjetil Ottersen (vocals, guitars, synth, programming) says it's their most ambitious release so far which they have been working on for the last six months. It'll be a digital download only, however the band considers a vinyl version as well.
Follow updates on their Facebook page. Read Artifex album review (2013) on Fabryka.
The Blackmail Seduction - War At Home song review
[Hard rock/alt-rock] War At Home (2013) [Review]
Kiss is Kill - Imposter Syndrome debut album
Kiss Is Kill is the solo project of producer James Chapple (Triptaka). Heavy riffs, phat beats, and searing synths dominate Kiss Is Kill's industrial rock sound, with a layer of aggressive vocals to complete the picture. Their debut Imposter Syndrome album was released in the end of 2014 and includes a few guest appearances.
You can buy either the CD album (via CD Baby) or a digital download on Bandcamp. Click Extended News to listen to one of the tracks.

Concept 7 - The Machinery Of Control random songs review
[Techno/metal] The Machinery Of Control (2014) [Review]
Industrial field recordings - Pilbara, Australia
Recordings of Rio Tinto trains transporting Iron Ore in The Pilbara, Western Australia, 2014. Recordings taken from near the switching yard, behind Cape Lambert.
Copyright - recorded & owned by Australian sound designer Jeremy Silver. Click Extended News to listen to these amazing soundscapes.
SoundCloud | Theatre | YouTube
Celestial Flesh - Suspended Motion album review
[Progmetal/djent] Suspended Motion (2014) [Review]
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