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BONUS: If you submit 1-2 albums (must be between 11-20 songs max) for my detailed music review, I can also do a promotional interview inc. 3 original questions (via email). Both will be published on Fabryka Magazine and high-traffic social networks (Google+, LinkedIn's Pulse, Blogger, Tumblr, Wattpad). Required music genres: metal, rock, guitar driven industrial, dark ambient. More info about this bonus. Example interviews: click.

MINI-REVIEWS: I offer 600-1000 character-long mini-reviews, which you can use for promotional and commercial purposes based on a non-exclusive commercial license. Unlike full reviews however, the mini-reviews are not published on Fabryka Magazine's pages, blogs or social networks. About mini-reviews | examples

ABOUT, SUBMISSIONS - song, EP, album detailed review, PR interview here; TESTIMONIALS - artists about Fabryka Music reviews here
Gianluca John Attanasio - Silent Roads album review
[Blues/rock] Silent Roads (2016) Review | Testimonial
Heretics in the Lab – Exit album review
[Industrial metal] Exit (2016) Review | Testimonials
Ethan Pell - The End Is Now song review
[Soundtrack] The End Is Now (2015) Review | Testimonial
hERETICS iN tHE lAB - Exit album and 'Precious' video single
Norfolk based industrial band hERETICS iN tHE lAB has started taking pre-orders for their latest album EXIT with several limited edition pre-order bundles available for purchase (see: Bandcamp). EXIT will release internationally on March 29th, 2016. To coincide with the release of the pre-order bundles, the band has also releases a lyric video for their newest single 'Precious'. Watch it here or click Extended news to launch a player.
Official | Facebook | Source: Feral Six Media
Al Jourgensen's Surgical Meth Machine debut music video single
Here's the official lyric video for "Tragic Alert" by Al Jourgensen's (Ministry, RevCo) new project, Surgical Meth Machine (SMM). The track's overall sound can be compared to a 'burning rubber' method as utilized in 'TVII' from Ministry's Psalm 69 album - lots of rapid guitar arrangements and angry, distinctive vocals though not focused on any solid composition. According to Al, an idea for such extreme speed-industrial metal music came out when they (together with late Mike Scaccia) were recording songs for From Beer to Eternity (2013). SMM's self-titled debut album will be out on April 15, 2016. Line-up: Al Jourgensen, Sam D’Ambruoso. Watch the video on YouTube or click Extended news to lauch a player and read the album tracklist. Official | Facebook | Twitter
The return of Misery Loves Co
Swedish industrial metal band Misery Loves Co who released their latest album in 2000, has announced they're back with live shows and possibly new music this year. Festival-goers will see them perform during 'Brutal Assault' (August 2016, Czech, EU), along with Ministry, Neurosis, Behemoth, Die Krupps and many other metal-(or industrial)-orientated bands.
Lead vocalist Patrik Wirén performed with Man.Machine.Industry during a Swedish festival in October 2010 and co-wrote "Almost Gone" song with the band too, thus this may be considered as a 'warm up' before MLC's full reunion. Live line-up will include Patrik Wirén, Örjan Örnkloo and Michael Hahne. No other details about new music or new album release date have been revealed yet. Discogs | Facebook
Dope reunited for US, Australian, European tours to come
After a successful tour in Russia in 2014, Dope had been encouraged to continue their musical career by touring extensively, releasing a Live DVD, and putting out a long awaited new album, finally. To make it happen however, original Dope members are trying to collect funds by offering various things to buy at their Dope Reunion website. There's a list of countries where the band would aim to come and play some shows including US in the first line, then others such as UK & Russia again, then Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, France, Czech, Denmark, and more, not necessarily in this order.
In a video filmed by Matt Zane of Society 1, Dope's founder Edsel Dope explains the band's future goals at length - watch it on YouTube or click Extended News to launch a player. Briefly, "The first goal is a USA headline tour. As the campaign grows, and the basic goals are achieved, we will add additional goals with additional territories." as he commented on Dope's Facebook.

'Blood Money' video singles & a teaser such as 'Selfish' were released in 2014 (watch them on Dope's website) and are songs to be released on the new album's tracklist.
Circle of Dust returns with 'Contagion' new song
Circle of Dust, the 90's industrial metal band of Klayton (Celldweller) promise their fans to release a brand new studio album after re-releasing remastered versions of all back catalog with bonus material starting from March 4th, 2016. Klayton is now a solo member of COD and obtained the rights to the band's catalog. Teasing us greatly about the new album, he revealed 'Contagion' new track which you can listen on YouTube or click Extended News to launch a player here.

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