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[Heatwave] Introduction, characters, locations
The entire planet surface was burnt one day. Completely burnt. The only who survived were staying underground when the disaster happened. Now what? Survival. Restoration. Dealing with the reality. Dreaming of what one owned before. Dreaming of the past... but moving on.

Heatweave is a debut post-apocalyptic novel by Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. It's very visual, broody with no happy end. No zombies, just a mysterious disaster to deal with and learn about. Written in Polish with additional English translation. The work has been in progress since early 2010.

All copyrights reserved. 2010-2015 (C) Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Any part of text including character names, location names, ideas and other content published on this website must not be used for any private and commercial purposes.

A list of Heatwave characters:

Adler Jeff (PSI, guard)
Azir (Molok's co-worker, PSI)
Barb (city near PSI)
Bibko (soldier, TAU)
Borrg Ed (KAPPA, boss of the underground city-camp)
Booster (major in the Lighthouse)
Boytek Dr (KAPPA)
Chez Monti (second main character, KAPPA)
Chuj (Gasoline man, Dziwa's partner)
Corretto (a scientist, Tucovo)
Decavis (spokeswoman, KAPPA)
Derreney Pax (Omega)
DogDow (a boss of a team in Xennon 2 hotel)
Dziwa (Gasoline man, Chuj's partner)
Dywanik (Gasoline Men, Tassi's bodyguard and car driver)
Eclipse (PSI, a muscular woman-explorer)
Father Director (a chief-pastor of The Colony of Rosary People)
Fathimas (cadet, Meadow Hole)
Fooris (spokesman, Tucovo)
Fuckie (O’Brother’s lover)
Gunner (soldier, TAU)
Hartridge James (hacker, PSI)
HiFive (Gasoline Men)
Howlstern (guard, TAU)
Igor (explorer in PSI, Zen's lover)
Janson (security guy, underground city of KAPPA)
Jean (security guy, PSI)
Jockey hacker, (PSI)
Kabooze Seth (major, Meadow Hole)
Kapris (bi-sexual prostitute, PSI)
Konik (a survivor and a victim of medical experiments, underground city of KAPPA)
Kretak (maintenance guy, OMEGA)
Lilly (Secretary at the Meadow Hole)
Little Lucy (a transsexual man living in Green'O'Bean)
Louise (explorer, courier, PSI)
Mitoch (cadet, Meadow Hole)
Molok (main Archivist of PSI)
Nico Notte (Rossie's ex-lover, a manager of the Institute of Nuclear Science)
O’Brother Mike (PSI)
Old woman (PSI)
Paciorek 16 (works for Father Director in The Colony of Rosary People)
Parch (ex-Shrineville prisoner, a citizen of The Canals)
Pissfire (a boss of insurgents from The Canals and Shrineville)
Prank (Captain of a gym at the Meadow Hole military base)
Ron (Gasoline man)
Rossie (a prostitute in PSI, ex-office worker at the Institute of Nuclear Science, Nico Notte's ex-lover)
Salt'n'Pepper (security guy and co-worker of Ed Borrg, underground city of KAPPA)
Sapphic (doctor, underground city under KAPPA)
Schayers (cadet, Meadow Hole)
Setin Mike (office worker, Mr Everywhere, post-apo businessman, Ivo's ex-gf's partner, PSI)
Shockeye (barmaid in Jazzy Grey)
Sick woman (near the Institute of Nuclear Science)
Siniak (Gasoline man)
Sonic Ivo (main character, PSI)
Soren (a boss of TAU)
Starship/Chilli/Nie Wiem (a warehouse worker in PSI, cooperates w/ Jockey & Hartridge)
Steel (a ormer mercenary, currently an explorer in PSI, a father of Rossie's child)
Svirnov Samuel (radiostation director)
Sugarbrown - DogDow's co-worker (Walambi/Xennon 2)
Tassi (drug dealer, drives a Saracen car, Dywanik's a driver)
Tear (Starship's girl friend)
Trija (a sick wild woman in an abandoned village)
Wombat (explorer sent to find a Discovery's harddrive, wounded in the Village X)
Zen (a friend of Molok, explorer and Archiver in PSI/KAPPA)
Zimmer (Gasoline man)

and more to come.

A list of selected Heatwave locations:

Various settlements:
Green'O'Bean - Gasoline Men - local gang occupying Tihuana gas stations and more
Shrineville - former prison
Village X - former sea resort, exploration, water distillation
Canals - criminals
an underground city of KAPPA - medical experiment survivors
The Colony of Rosary People - a sect - ran by rich religious bigot bossing around, kidnapping & inseminating women

Vaults (north to south):
KAPPA - old mines, hospital, laboratory, hidden settlement
PSI - archives, exploration
TAU - weapons, repairs, clothing, exploration
OMEGA - goods, deals, exploration
SIGMA - kids, schooling
TETA - collapsed, technology treasury
ETA - post war military vault, rebuilt, turned into an exclusive housing development, destroyed, secured
HIDEOUT - old quarry with caverns

Other locations:
A monument of Sever
An Institute of Nuclear Science
Bridge between OMEGA and SIGMA
Burnt forest
Canyon near KAPPA
Discovery station
Fuel warehouse under Meadow Hole airport
Jazzy Gray bar & hotel
KAPPA cafeteria
Meadow Hole Airport
Ori Monastery & hydroponics
Paper Factory
PSI Archives
PSI brothel
Radio station near D2 road
Rossie’s house
Sea of Mud
TAU bar
Tihuana gas stations - franchising
Tucovo caverns & hydroponics
Walambi - city near OMEGA
Xennon 2 hotel
Zoxi - chemicals utilization facility

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