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Home > All articles > 09. TECH AND SOCIAL MEDIA > [social media] ManageFlitter - perhaps your best Twitter manager
[social media] ManageFlitter - perhaps your best Twitter manager
You can use Twitter for many reasons. Some of you keep it in a form of a 140 letters long diaries talking about food, friends and daily issues while others - music fans or artists look for useful connections, cool bands, songs or general support/feedback for what they do.

Unfortunately, Twitter is utilized as a self-promotional tool by some users. Not only they spam directly hundreds of followers with the same message or send personal messages (DM) to make them buy something or Like them on Facebook but (it hurts!) they don't treat you individually. You can tell it by looking at their account stats (low followers vs. high following or vice versa) which is typical (but still a bad solution) for well known magazines, labels and artists. Numbers matter these days but a valuable set of followers is what you really need to find Twitter useful.

This platform may be helpful IF you receive any feedback from the people you've followed. This can be achieved by weekly #followfridays (#FF) or #musicmonday (#MM) recommendations, your posts re-tweets (#RT) or any other methods so that them, their and your followers would get interested in recommended Twitter users.
If you're a musician you may learn more about Twitter terms and opportunities at Twitter Developers.

However, some people may follow your Twitter account expecting that you'll follow them back and then, boom, they'll unfollow you in a few days thinking you won't learn about it. They'll just keep you as an additional item to their numbers collection to prove how popular they are. There are many on-line apps to let you avoid such fishy followers, manage your Twitter account and become aware of unfair behaviors. Here's ManageFlitter, one of the best apps to show you if your followers are really the people you'd like to stay in touch with.

FREE VERSION - try ManageFlitter here.

ManageFlitter was developed by Kevin Garber and his 89n company in Australia in early 2010. It's provided in two options - free and pro. The only thing you need to do to use this app is making a connection with your Twitter account (user name + password). Read about Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
You can disconnect this app in your Twitter account settings any time.

Free version lets you see and unfollow those damn people who never followed you back or have decided to unfollow. After connecting your Twitter account, ManageFlitter will process some algorithms to show you a dashboard with a few options and tabs.

First of all, Not Follwing Back tab (with a sad smiley) is the one where you'll do your unfollow operations. You can either mark every single unfollower or click Quick Edit to mark all these unfollowers together with one mouse move (avatars will be shown only). You can also exclude verified or very popular accounts.
The right side sticker will show the number of how many people you've just marked and when you click there, ManageFlitter will disconnect your account from these users. However, if you included them to your Twitter lists, they will remain there.

When you mouse over a short stats info, a tooltip window will popup with a short user's account summary incl. bio, location, language, tweets per day, the number of tweets, followers, following and also how many people included them to their lists amongst all other.

The daily number for unfollows is limited to 1200 people which is still high compared to some other apps. However, you can still increase it either by sending one or more promo tweets about ManageFlitter to your followers, or invite them to use this app (email, Twitter, Facebook or a customized tweet from your account) or the newsletter subscription.

The other tabs include No Profile Image (so basic Twitter Egg icon) to show you little or no personalized accounts in your contact list. Clicking Non-English tab will show your followers tweeting in other than English languages.
Next, Inactive indicates the people who haven't used their accounts for the last 30 days, Talkative (+5 tweets/day) and Quiet (tweeting once/day). High Ratio shows all your followers who follow more people than are following them so it means they're looking for attention. Usually once followed, they'll follow you back.
All above features are included in Everyone You Follow view.

The top options let you additionally group the followers based on such features as the number of tweets, lists, last tweet, influence, the number of following and followers as well as follow order (meaning - who was the first or last person you followed at all).

FlitterSearch allows for finding specific users based on their names and keywords/tags included in their posts as well as bio, username, website, location or latest tweet. The results can be limited to verified, popular and active accounts.

You can adjust your search query to minimum or maximum number of followers, following or tweets a user is required to have. The best matching results are marked red on the list. From the search window you can also find a specific person and follow him/her.

Finally, a free version allows to connect your Twitter and Google+ accounts through ManageFlitter to cross-post from G+ to Twitter. Free accounts have a possibility to download a list of people you follow (editable CVS files) while pro accounts are offered a few extended options.

PRO VERSION - try ManageFlitter here.

Pro version allows for a few more features aside the basic free ones described above.
These become handy when you run a marketing/promo campaign (new merch, album, fundraiser, tour, contest et.c) and need to connect to thousands of people. Hence time is money, ManageFlitter makes it easier.
There are 4 premium accounts based on which you can manager from 1 to 50 Twitter accounts depended on your monthly fees.

ManageFlitter offers:

No long term contracts, pay-as-you-go, cancel at any time you choose and have Pro access until end of your billing cycle.
For these accounts there are enhancements listed below:
1. Unlimited Unfollows,
2. Whitelist - create a personal list of people don't want to unfollow,
3. Manage Twitter Lists - import and manage details of your Twitter lists,
4. Ninja Mode - combine filters and explore deeply into your account's connections.
1. Find Who You Don't Follow Back,
2. Copy Another Account's Followers or Following - quickly build your account based on others,
3. Filter Everyone Following You - find who your most important followers are.
1. Follow relevant users faster than ever before,
2. Quickly filter real-time Tweets by topic and/or location. Sort by followers or influence.
3. Unlimited Follows - up to Twitter's API limit (recommended to follow up to 100 people daily).
1. Track Everyone Who Unfollowed or Followed You,
2. Track Everyone You Unfollowed or Followed - record all changes you make anywhere to your Twitter account,
3. Graph changes to your account over time - understand long term trends for your account.
1. Schedule Tweet at Optimal Times For Your Followers - send important messages when you know the most people will be on-line,
2. Target Tweets to Specific Countries or Locations

Try either free and pro accounts following this link.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, June 11, 2012)
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