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V/A Hellfire [reviews]
Hellfire V/A |Van Richter, 2010|

01. Testify - Future Lust, 02. Testify - Seed Of Wrath (Die Warzau Silence As A Weapon Mix), 03. The Fair Sex - Cold Contempt, 04. The Plastic Noise Experience - Hellraiser, 05. Sielwolf - The Gun's Eye, 06. Death And Horror Inc - New Vision, 07. Girls Under Glass - New World Order, 08. Trauma - The Last Rose, 09. Underwater Pilots - Every Day Is Halloween, 10. Underwater Pilots - I Prepare, 11. Underwater Pilots - Flood, 12. The Fair Sex - Woe

The Los Angeles based Van Richter label has been known for releasing aggro-electronic music for years, but its roster also includes guitar driven bands such as the cold industrial of Testify and Sielwolf as well as Goth-electronica in the order of The Fair Sex and Girls Under Glass.

Hellfire brings a retrospective compilation of Van Richter bands in a variety of well known and unreleased songs. It begins with Testify's short intro titled “Future Lust” followed by “Seed of Wrath (Silence As A Weapon)” mixed by Die Warzau. However, it's kept in dance/trance beat driven moods while the original track was based on aggressive guitar riffs. There is also “Every Day Is Halloween” (An early Ministry song) remixed by Underwater Pilots.

The album provides both dance like and atmospheric tracks (Underwater Pilots “I Prepare”, “Flood”, The Fair Sex “Woe”) and is probably a great thread for fans of aggro-industrial, EBM, Synthpop and Goth. Party goers would certainly enjoy listening to this compilation during upcoming Halloween events, but I would not so much recommended this one for the Rivetheads who prefer heavy guitar riffs over predominant electronica.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, 10/20/2010. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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