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Compulsory Skin [reviews]
Naked To The Bones |Mysticnature Records, 2007|

1. The World In Me, 2. All You Can Eat, 3. Twisted, 4. Sex Show, 5. Naked To The Bone, 6. Consensual Motors, 7. Mammon, Me, 8. Broken Skin, 9. Expelled, 10. Bones Of The Past, 11. Smeared, 12. Luscious, 13. Stained

Naked To The Bones is the debut album of the eclectic PiaPale, an interesting and fascinating German musician, skilled in uniting rough electronic sounds to delicious melodies, thanks to a flexible and beautiful voice.

The album consists of 13 songs for over an hour of good music. Unfortunately, all of the things in our current day do not guarantee appropriate recognition and attention, and the risk is to fall into the internet oblivion.

"It's the end", suggested in a moment of deep despair by PiaPale, which threatens to make or break this excellent band, clinging to a hard core base of fans.
I sincerely hope that this will not happen, because Naked To The Bone is a commendable publication and it would be interesting to see where this artist can push her creativity.

"The World In Me", after a delicate and sad intro reminiscent of sound of Marilyn Manson songs like "Disassociative" or "Speed Of Pain", is raging like a sudden storm.
"All You Can Eat" with his eccentricity and madness seems to be the representation of a sound framework of Salvador Dali or Picasso.

You can watch on her official YouTube Channel the video of this song, with Gidget Gein as guest star (Marilyn Manson former bassist), whom tragically died at the end of 2008.
Twisted goes straight to the point, offering a bright and catchy industrial rock song.

Bones Of The Past is probably my favorite song on the album, you can hear echoes of the 12 Rounds guitar, the chorus is addictive, as well as very catchy sounds.
Smeared will make you crazy if you like Year Zero by NIN and Android Lust.
Expelled is a delicious pop-rock ballad.

PiaPale’s touching sensitivity, can be admired in all of her grace in the Stained video. Also, all the other songs not mentioned so far are excellently made, making the album full of emotions and giving it an intimate and liberating impression.

(Marco Gariboldi. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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