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Dr. Melancholia
The Source (2009)
We go with whatever sounds best for each song. Most of the material begins as a piece by one of the individuals, and then gets the 'group treatment'. We had a lot of lyrics written before Gary came along, then we re-wrote it. U.S.S.A. (2007)
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Empty [reviews]
Aeon Xpand |Aphtic Audio, 2008|

01.Castrated (Original Edit), 02. Alone (Disharmony Remix), 03. Castrated (Zintek Remix), 04. Scarred (JVL 7" Construction Remix), 05. Torn (Process Void Ripped Remix), 06. Alone (Pask Remix), 07. Torn (Searad Remix), 08. Castrated (In-Tranzit Remix)

Empty steps deeper and successfully into the music market, this time with a remix CD including remixes for the previously released album Open Aeon. There are a few great versions which clubbers could love. I mean a trance version of Castrated (In-Tranzit Remix) to me influenced by the duo Underworld, but also Torn (Searad Remix), somewhat darker and heavier with brighter moments, tho it could have been kept only as an instrumental track, without standard effects used on the vocals.

There is my favourite artist on this remix compilation because of whom I decided to review this album for the most part (as the CD isn't an industrial rock music venture). Adam Pask appears on the CD with his remix for Alone track of which more and more improved versions I was getting during the last year. Rich in sounds and layers, with intriguing atmosphere and written with a deep knowledge of the remixing techniques gives this track a new and original vibe. But it's all of Pask.

The other version of Alone (Disharmony Remix) it's a definitely IDM-like stuff, atmospheric with a stable rhythm, suitable for your long distance car, train etc. travels but also for a long distance bed manoeuvres. I didn't like Castrated (Zintek Remix) that much due to quite often changes of the rhythm and atmospheres. I guess Zintek didn't know what the final result of this remix should be so the tracks sounds unfinished to me. Scarred (JVL 7" Construction Remix) began in a way I was scared and it was fun but later it turned into one of those dark electro/drum'n'bass songs I've already heard here and there. Torn (Process Void Ripped Remix) is flowing in an interesting way where I can hear the drums or automatic drums similar to those used by the Sisters of Mercy in the 80s, but after some time the vocals came in treated with the same 'cosmic' effects alike to Searad's remix. I got an impression there were modified guitar samples used somewhere in the background what was quite cool.

Empty definitely has been working for his success for years and like bands do thesedays - released a remix CD. The collective can achieve more than an individual sometimes, giving a chance to involve less known but gifted at the same time. I do recommend this album to the fans of electronic tunes and I'm looking forward to the next new release by Empty. (NINa)

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