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Agressiva 69 [reviews]
Deus Ex Machina |SPV, 1992|

Misery, Agressiva 2069, Zawieszeni w Prozni, Stary Bog, Ted Suicide, Zamaskowany, Fast Food, Fire and Water, Deus Ex Machina, Koniec Dnia

Agressiva 69 is one of not many Polish bands who were brave enough to use samplers. The debut album and non commercial songs might have not succeeded. Agressiva expressed their fascination with music of Einsturzende Neubauten, Frontline Assembly, Ministry or Test Departament. Deus Ex Machina contains cold, experimental and industrial music. It's sure there are other Polish bands who make industrial music. Seems like with no support their music lands up hidden in their hard drive discs or CDs given to their friends. Agressiva 69 fitted for a while into industrial music fans' tastes. Fast Food and Koniec Dnia are way cool songs. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
Hammered by the Gods |SPV, 1994|

Fear (Patrick Ashley Is Really Dead), Apology, Justice, This Is My World, Welcome to Poland Asshole, She Was Souless, House of VooDoo, Money Is Sin, Little Criminal, Upside Down, Devotion (desert), Out of the Breath, Sucker, Prayer in the Evening

Continuation of Deus Ex Machina music the main themes made enriched with more interesting samples. Pay attention to Money Is Sin, Fear, She was Soulless and Little Criminal. If there had been such nomination (Grammy or MTV) like "The Best Industrial/Electro Artist of the Year then Agressiva could have represented Poland in this genre in 1994. ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

2-47 |2-47, 1997|

Point Of View, Pure, Mrowki Atakuja Las, Geny Milczenia, Lokator, Seed, Dial-In, Clinical, Dark Disco, Trance 12

This is the most interesting album recorded by Agressiva 69 because of guitar riffs and hard beats what wasn't present on the two previous records. I don't like Polish lyrics for such music personally but if we listen to Mrowki Atakuj± Las i Geny Milczenia the language doesn't hurt my ears. Lots of anger and dynamics in Geny Milczenia, worth of listening to! Trance 12 finishes the album with its trance and gloomy background.
A note: There is the other version of 2-47 entitled: 2-47 Limited Edition, which contains remixes of 2-47 and all the lyrics are in English (f.e. Anthill instead of Mrowki Atakuja Las or Demagnetization instead of Trance 12). ( Katarzyna NINa Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)

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