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Die Krupps [reviews]
Paradise Now |Rough Trade Rec., 1997|

Moving Beyond, The Gods of Void, Paradise Now, Black Beauty White Heat, Reconstruction, Behind, Taste of Taboo, Rise Up, Fire, Full Circle, Vortex, 30 seconds, (A New) Society Treaty

The colours of the CD cover became a turning point for me and Fabryka. Paradise Now is definately THE BEST ever album recorded by Die Krupps - the most sharpen sound, the most guitar driven vibe, all metal and aggressive. There are several perfect songs like Rise Up, Paradise Now, Black Beauty White Heat, (A New) Society Treaty and first of all (as it is in the lyrics: "there is no shelter from this terminal ride") - 30 Seconds song.(NINa)

I (One) |Rough Trade, 1992|

High Tech/Low Life, Metal Machine Music, Doppelgänger, The Dawning Of Doom, Ministry Of Fear, One, Simply Say No, Disclipes Of Disclipine, The Power, Rings Of Steel

The beginning of Die Krupps is a fascination of Kraftwerk music. After they founded a label releasing metal band music their own style changed and Die Krupps began playing a guitar driven music. That metal blast lasted 'till Paradise Now album was released. Then the leader founded DK.COM project which wasn't too much worth of listening too. There are a few good songs on 1 like: High Tech/Low Life, Doppelganger, Ministry of Fear and The Power. There are also two features typical for Die Krupps music - verse-refrain-verse song composition and the arrangement becomes a drag after further auditions. (NINa)

II - The Final Option |Rough Trade, 1993|

Crossfire, Language Of Reality, Bloodsuckers, Fatherland, To The Hilt, Iron Man, Inside Out, Paradise Of Sin, Worst Case Scenario, Shellshocked, New Temptation

Every band has its own key-product in its history. Die Krupps has got II The Final Option album. We got such a variety of powerful songs like Crossfire, Bloodsuckers, To The Hilt, Iron Man, Paradise of Sin, Worst Case Scenario, Shellshocked and apocalyptic New Temptation into one bag. (NINa)

III - The Oddysey Of The Mind |Rough Trade, 1995 (3D-cover)|

The Last Flood, Isolation, Odyssey Of The Mind, Eggshell, Scent, The Final Option, LCD, Jeckyll Or Hyde, Metalmorphosis, Alive, Odyssey of the Mind, The Final Option (S.P.Q.R -mix), LCD

A very good, guitar driven record with lots of cool sampling. LCD, Jackyll or Hyde, Metalmorphosis, Isolation and a short intro to Alive sound awesome. (NINa)

The Final Remixes |Rough Trade, 1994|

To The Hilt, Paradise Of Sin, Language Of Reality, Fatherland, Worst Case Scenario, Shellshocked, Crossfire, Bloodsuckers, Iron Man, Inside Out, New Temptation, High Tech Low Life, Dawning Of Doom, Ministry Of Fear, Metal Machine Music, Rings Of Steel

It's useful to have remixes done by well known musicians in any band output. It happened to The Final Remixes to contain such remixes arranged by
Charlie Clouser, Andrew Eldritch (The Sisters of Mercy), Rodney Orpheus (Cassandra Complex), Aaron Aedy (Paradise Lost), Sasha (KMFDM), Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb) etc. A note: There are two additional singles including the rest of remixes made by Sepultura, Biohazard, Dave Lombardo amongst the others. (NINa)

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