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Punish Yourself [reviews]
Pink Panther Party |Season Of Mist, 2009|

1. ....Than A Thousand Suns, 2. Shiva Only Is God, 3. End Of The Western World, 4. (My Name Is) Legion, 5. A Russian Lullaby, 6. Zmeya, 7. Born In Thorns / Torn To Pieces, 8. Deadmeatpetroleum, 9. This Is My Body, This Is My Gasoline, 10. Satan Buddies, 11. You Ain't Got Me, 12. Welcome To Now

Punish Yourself made us used to their noisy, dynamic songs filled with characteristic arrangements which can't be compared to anybody's else music. Their recognizability has been created also by the lead singer's voice and the musicians' artistic stage performances when their bodies are painted with UV colours which look actually found many followers in the USA as well.

The newest album brings similar though much heavier tunes than the previous album published in 2007 and it is opened by an intriguing intro as usually.
There's a lot of tension and aggression kept in the new songs as if the band was fighting their own inner demons and so the album sounds very loud to me. Actually I found it difficult to adjust the volume level.

Other tan that I really enjoyed a truly industrial metal song „Born In Thorns / Torn To Pieces”, post punk „You Ain't Got Me” and a bit demonic „Welcome To Now”.
A song „(My Name Is) Legion” could be Punish Yourself's representative track while it's very well arranged, aggressive yet easy to remember, perfectly matching radio shows and podcasts as well.

There are sort of cyber suites on Pink Panther Party like „Satan Buddies” and „A Russian Lullaby”, the other connected in an interesting way with its follower - „Zmeya”. Finally „Deadmeatpetroleum” would match any dark movie very well.

The band bet on loudness and aggression this time but the album lacks a concept with the songs hardly overlapping one another. At the same time Punish Yourself is one of not many cyber/industrial bands from old Europe which created its image without following any trends, to intersect the influences with something meaningful and their very own. Let's add their hard yet creative work and all above features stand for my rating.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below)
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