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SiNDADDY [reviews]
IntelligenCIA |MDZ Music, 2006|

Civil Disobedience, Terrorama, Wreck, Maniamerica, Panties, The Payoff, Two Wrongs, Prostheticize Me, Black Sugar, Crawl (for MGira)New Cult, Rock This Hauss, Bignail, Dirty Double O Six (hidden track99)

SiNDADDY's mind is restless and looks for directions to enter American brains sleeping well thanx to their comfortable lives. SiNDADDY laughs at everything and everyone but he doesn't exceed any bad taste limits. There are very interesting songs titles (Terrorama, Maniamerica, IntelligenCIA) on the album what stands for an advantage of SiNDADDY's creativity and word making abilities.

IntelligenCIA through ironical lyrics so close to anti-Bush and anti-America ideology known from f.e Ministry's latest albums, is the release which shows a state of American society A.D. 2005 threatened by terrorism (Terrorama), forced to be obedient (Civil Disobedience) and submissive to the USA nation conditions getting worse due to improper politics. This album is supported by a video for the song called "Postheticize Me" which includes the cut scenes taken from a Luc Besson's movie. It's amazing to watch how much flexible a human body could be :)

There are lots of so called glitches, harsh electronics and digital hardcore like stuff in SiNDADDY's music although, as he states himself, there is a mingled spirit of industrial-metal, hard rock and pop music too. The song called "Bignail" reminds me tunes known from Marilyn Manson albums although could be interpreted different by... let's say Mr. Nail's fans ;)
My favourite tracks are "Panties" and "Terrorama". Personally speaking I think he should make more songs like these to be played in the radio stations and at the club parties. If you ever have a chance to see this rebelled cowboy live, then go to see the show cause his lyrics, music and 100% male band supported by provocative footages shown on big LCD screens should give you a creative thinking.

IntelligenCIA will be followed by a remix CD called "hyperDISCOrdia" including 13 songs remixed by 13 artists (some old icons and some young peers) and a DVD with rare remixes unreleased on any of previous albums, so keep an eye on the news! He's currently working on the newest album, the first ever industrial-rockabilly venture called moTHErfucKINGbaSTARd...

PS. "Terrorama" song along with the spoken words by SiNDADDY were included in the 3rd Fabryka podcast released on 11/15/2006.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz. Must not be used for promotional or commercial purposes. See a Legal Note for the copyrights below.)

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No two people in this band like exactly the same music, so we've got influences coming in from a fairly wide spectrum of musical styles. It can make it difficult sometimes to easily write music together, but when it works it WORKS! Improvisation has been and will continue to be massively important to how we write songs. Promonium Jesters (2008)
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